Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Trends For 2014

In last 15 years, eCommerce marketing has evolved a lot. It’s no longer confined to keyword stuffing or PPC. In 2013, website optimization, guest blogging and responsive design was in vogue. This year, mobile marketing, social networking and personalization are expected to be the dominating trends. Let’s discuss the changes that are most likely to be seen in the eCommerce marketing arena in 2014.

  • Mobile optimization: Mobile shopping is on the rise. In 2013, mobile shopping accounted for 17% of Cyber Monday shopping, a rise of 55% increase over 2012, IBM reported. This shift is expected to accelerate in 2014. So just being mobile friendly is not enough. Your mobile web pages need to be optimized for better user experience.
  • Mobile advertising: With the use of mobile phones are shopping, the need for mobile advertising will also rise. Banded eCommerce stores are expected to be the first big spenders of mobile ads as they try to tap larger target audience. Video mobile ads, with the potential to go viral, are also expected to be in vogue in 2014.
  • Targeting wearable devices: Although Google Glasses, smart watches and other wearable devices aren’t popular yet, eCommerce stores are expected to shower discounts, promotions, offers and updates to customers through these devices when they become popular. This development is expected in 2014.
  • Long-form content: With Google’s focus on quality content and long-tail keywords, long-form content will take a precedence. Apart from articles and blog posts, the popularity of videos and podcast will rise. Also, personalized content will gain priority over general content.
  • Social and search ads: With the benefits of guest posting and keyword stuffing dwindling, eCommerce merchants will turn toward social media ads and search ads. Apart from PPC and CPC ads gaining more takers, small and large eCommerce companies will leverage their social presence for advertisement purposes.
  • Authorship branding: Traditional anonymous SEO or blogs won’t work anymore. Companies will need to establish authorship with high-quality blogs and communities. A brand blog with a team of well-known bloggers will work wonders for eCommerce businesses.
  • Omni-channel user experience: With online and offline marketing efforts getting blurred, omni-channel user experience will gain popularity. Online marketing, brick-and-store marketing and mobile marketing will merge together to offer outstanding customer experience.
  • Better delivery: Mega eCommerce marketplaces are already taking steps to cut down on delivery time. Case in point: Amazon’s drone delivery project. In 2014, many large online stores are expected to take similar steps to offer reduced delivery times and more shipping options.
  • Local SEO: With Google giving importance to local businesses of the users over large businesses, local SEO will become a thing of necessity rather than luxury. eCommerce companies will rush for listing in local directories, web pages will be optimized and natural customer reviews will be actively sought after.
  • Marketing automation: The use of marketing automation will further increase in 2014. Marketing automation helps in lead nurturing, remarketing, email personalization and automation of analytics.


  1. says

    Great ideas, local SEO is already on the rise with things like Google Now tying into the user’s current location to suggest nearby places to visit. As Google continue to push and refine Android I can see local SEO and mobile becoming two big areas.

  2. Herald says

    Superb Marketing Trends. The Mobile and Smartphone look central in the entire post. Integration of best Social media strategy, optimizing Business over Local listing resources, and the last but not least, very important – Mobile, Tablets and Smartphone, which need to be optimized for your website.

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