Top 3 Sales Models For eCommerce Website

As an eCommerce merchant, you have several sales models at your disposal. You can pick and choose the model that suits your business the best. Let’s look at the top three sales model:

Online Auction
This the oldest form of sales model, which gained popularity in the modern world due to eBay. The main reasons behind the success of auction format are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Better profitability
  • Good marketing tactic

If you are dealing in unique, artistic products, this sales model will work best for your business. Moreover, there are various types of auction formats such as forward auctions and reverse auctions that you can consider.

Shopping Carts
In simple terms, shopping carts are virtual shopping baskets. Every eCommerce website will have a shopping cart to facilitate a quick shopping process for the users. Shopping cart has two users: online store users who use the cart to shop the products of their choice, and administrator who manages the product information of the online store. There are various types of shopping cart available in the market. Some of those are:

  • Licensed shopping cart: In here, the merchants will need to pay one time fee to download the software on the server.
  • Hosted service: The merchants using hosted service will need to pay the fees monthly or yearly for the service. The software will be installed on the web server but it can’t be downloaded.

Multi-store eCommerce

In presence of hugely augmented eCommerce market, having a single store is not enough. For better success, many merchants operate multiple online stores through a single administrative panel. With the help of a single powerful dashboard, administrators can easily update product information, inventory level and shipping details on multiple stores with a single click.

There’s no precise answer to the question which sales model is the best for you. As every business is unique, the sales model should also be unique. If a single sales model is not right for you, you can always mix different elements of various model to come up with a unique solution that works for your business.

How To Protect Your eCommerce Website

Cyber attacks on eCommerce websites are increasing daily. If you think that’s because those websites aren’t safe and secure enough, you couldn’t be more mistaken. The simple reason why hackers love to target eCommerce websites is the low costing of execution. If a rober wishes to rob a bank, he will need to arrange for weapons and a getaway car, not to mention all the running around for the flawless execution of the robbery. But if robber wants to rob an eCommerce website, he just needs a computer and internet connection. Pretty easy to acquire, isn’t it?

The main aim of the hackers is to steal personal data and financial information of the users of the eCommerce website, and to misuse that stolen data for their own financial gains. Usually, the eCommerce attacks range from business disruption, phishing, intellectual property theft to payment fraud.Ecommerce Development

Hackers generally attack at the following points:

  • Software vendor
  • Shopper’s computer
  • Website’s server
  • Network link between the website’s server and shopper

Many times there are security breaches even from the merchant’s side when some malware are unwittingly downloaded on the server.

To prevent such attacks on your eCommerce website, you can take following steps:

  • Data monitoring to keep an eye on the system’s traffic
  • Auditing and security logs to monitor activities of the users
  • Storing data of activities over a period of time to identify potential problems
  • Installing firewalls, anti-malware and other measures to deter hackers

You can also consult a reputed eCommerce service provider as they have enough knowledge to help you take appropriate steps to protect your business.

How To Select Best Yahoo! Store Template Design

Yahoo! Store offers a huge selection of pre-designed templates to choose for. If you are looking for something unique, you can even have that through customization of the templates. To select the best template for your business, consider the following points:

Choose Yahoo! Store Templates
Click and Choose your favorite Yahoo! Store Templates

First and foremost, you need to have a clear idea about what’s the purpose of your store. If you are selling books, you should be looking for library-type of theme. Also, if you are selling products such as apparel or appliances, your website will need rich images. So you need to select the template accordingly.Yahoo! Small Business

The layout of your website will decide the look and feel. Background color, fonts, placement of banners and images, and placement of content will impact the overall appearance of the store. So select the template that brings all these elements together seamlessly. If you can’t find the template that matches in color or fonts, you can always customize it to suit your requirements.

As I said earlier, the beauty of Yahoo! Store templates is that it allows you to customize each and every element to suit your business needs. However, to avoid extensive customization, look for the template that nearly matches your requirements and then make minor changes to it.

Professional templates
As you are a business organization, you need to be taken seriously by users. Select a reliable and professionally designed template that reflects the nature of your business and your business model. Make sure that the navigation and other features of the template are user-friendly.

Avoid popular templates
Your business is unique and you definitely want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. For this, your template shouldn’t be a common one. Check what kind of templates your competitors and peers are using but don’t ever copy them. If you do so, you will lose the edge, impacting your business prospects adversely.

Anonymity: The Latest Fad In The App World

In times where social medial platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are encouraging users to reveal their personal information, choices and activities, a new class of apps that promotes honesty is getting popular. The new apps enable users to shed their real life identity to let them speak their mind openly without any pretensions.

Secret, Whispers, Confide and Yik Yak are some of the most popular anonymity apps.

Created by two former Google engineers, Secret helps users share their deepest and darkest thoughts, gossips, criticism and even personal failures. David Byttow, one of the founders, compares Secret to a “masquerade ball,” where you know who all are there but you can never see their faces.

When it comes to the future of these apps, there’s clearly a division of opinions. Some believe that anonymity apps will encourage bullying and slander, while others believe that it can have a cathartic value for those who can’t openly express their grief and pain.

Whisper CEO Michael Heyward doesn’t agree with the critics. He said that the company’s app doesn’t allow people to attack others. It specifically prohibits users from putting proper names in their posts, and to ensure the implementation of this policy, it employs around 120 human moderators to comb through posts in real time.

Although jury may be out on how popular these anonymity apps would be in the near future, currently it has all the potential to give social media platforms a run for their money, specifically in light of widespread fear over the loss of privacy to government data collection efforts.

Why To Go For Custom eCommerce Solution

Creating an eCommerce website or application is quite easy with the tons of off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions available in the market. Although these solutions are great for fixing general issues, they are totally worthless if you have a unique business model with innovative marketing strategy. Consequently, we always recommend our clients to opt for custom eCommerce solution if they are looking for an effective permanent fix.

There are several reasons why an eCommerce merchant should choose custom solution over off-the-shelf solution. Let’s look at some of those reasons:Why To Go For Custom eCommerce Solution

  • Uniqueness: Readily available solutions are either free or cheaply priced. As a result, they are used by hundreds of merchants. If you have a unique business model and you are using such common eCommerce solution, you are undermining your business potential. When you opt for custom solution, all the aspects of your website will be unique and according to your business.
  • Streamlining of business operations: Usually off-the-shelf solutions can address one problem at a time. So if your entire website is built using these solutions, you will have to juggle between several software, making the handling of business operations messy and time consuming. The custom solution, on the other hand, can help you do several tasks in one go. For example, with custom inventory management solution, you can manage inventory, orders and shipping in one go.
  • Cost effective: Although off-the-shelf solutions may seem cost effective initially, in the long run they prove costly due to amount of time and energy it takes to manage several software. When you manage several processes simultaneously with a single custom solution, it’s more effective and efficient.

If you wish to go for custom eCommerce solution, make sure to hire experienced developer.