How to Video Blog!

If you are looking to create engaging and interesting content for your customers, video blogging is just the thing you need to do. You just need to focus on the idea and create a video around it.

How to go about video blogging? Well, we can help you in that too.

  1. Lighting: The first thing you need to do is get proper lighting. For this, you have 2 options: either you can hire a professional who will come with proper lighting equipments, or you can purchase your own equipments. However, the lighting equipments are quite costly and it may not be feasible to buy them if you are a new start-up. Better find a location where there’s lot of natural light and you can use that brightness to make your video bright and interesting.
  2. Camera: You definitely don’t need a high-end camera initially. You can just make do with what you currently have. You can even use your PC camera if you are trying to create an informal video about your products. If you are planning to buy a camera, then you need to consider few things such as sound, storage, batteries and size. Make sure that your camera has an external MIC-in and that it comes with SD cards for  storage as that will make transfers between the camera and PC quite easy and simple. Also, do not forget to consider the size of the camera as you will need to work on it for long hours for a good video.
  3. Audio: You definitely need to use audio along with your video. To have a great audio, check if your camcorder has a MIC in port. If so, just buy an external microphone, plug it in and set the levels at optimum levels. However, if your camera doesn’t have a MIC in, you will need to record the audio on a separate device and then add it to the video at the later stage. To easily sync audio and video, use your hands to clap a few times to denote the starting points. This will help you match your audio and video seamlessly.
  4. Screen capture: It’s not necessary that all video posts needs camera. You can use software like Camtasia and ScreenFlow to capture the screen shots of your computer screen. You can combine these screen shots with the audio track and create a sophisticated video demo. This style is quite useful for marketing software.
  5. Editing: Once you are done with creating a video, the next step is to edit it to make it more polished and engaging. For editing, you can either use YouTube or free software such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. If you don’t mind sending some money for this task, you can use Camtasia and ScreenFlow. However, if you are looking for advanced editing tools, try Final Cut and Sony Vegas Studio HD.
  6. Sharing the video: Once your video is done, you are ready to distribute it. There are various channels such as YouTube,, Vimeo, Viddler and TubeMogul that can help you promote your videos.

So what are you waiting for? Start video blogging right now. If you face any kind of problem in this task, do let us know and we will be more than happy to help you.

Promote Your Products Through Videos on Facebook

One of the best ways to promote your products is through videos. These videos can be about various features of the products, methods of using the products, pros and cons of using it and so on and so forth. You can make the most of your product videos by uploading them on the product’s Facebook page. This is guaranteed to generate lot of sales.

Do you know how to upload videos on Facebook? If you don’t, just follow the following steps and you will be fine.Promote Your Products Through Videos on Facebook

  • Make sure that your videos have an extension that’s acceptable my social media platforms. One such extension is .WMV.
  • Open the video project of your Windows Movie Maker.
  • Click on the “Publish Movie” in the top menu.
  • Choose the view quality and size from there.
  • Click on “Export to File.” This step may take some time, depending on the size of the video, and so you might have to wait for few minutes.
  • Log into your Facebook page and click on “What’s on your mind?” box.
  • Select “Upload a Video from your drive” option and then choose the exported file from the files and folders of your computer.
  • Add a comment for the video and click “Share.”

This is the easiest way to share your videos on Facebook. If you are facing any trouble doing so, please comment in the below box. We will be more than ready to help you.

Google Updates Toolbar PageRank!

Defying Matt Cutt’s statement about Toolbar PageRank values not updating this year, Google updated the values on Dec. 6. This new change has caught the SEO industry unaware, leaving many of them scrambling to make up for the lost ranking.

If you aren’t aware of what PageRank is, please note that this is the value of specific web pages from 0 to 10 to indicate their popularity. The higher the PageRank, better the visibility on the search engine results. You can even consider PageRank as one of the best benchmark of the value of any web page.

Google had last updated PageRank in February 2013 and it wasn’t expected to be updated this year.

Have you lost your higher PageRank? Do you want to retain them? No worries, you can do so. Although in the light of Google Panda and Penguin update, it’s bit difficult to manipulate the PageRank, it’s still possible. One of the best ways to do so is to focus on quality, editorial links, i.e., do link building activity on reputed websites rather than randomly.

If you wish to know how to go about it, just contact us. Ydeveloper has a team of SEO experts, waiting to help you out.

Tweeting Simplified!

Twitter is a very popular social networking platform, and hence, it features quite prominently in any business’ social media marketing strategy. The success of any Twitter strategy depends on two key components: content and timing. So if you have awesome content, half of your job is done. The other part of the success lies in the timing of that tweet.Tweeting Simplified!

According to a May 2012 study by link-shortening service Bitly, the tweets tweeted Monday through Thursday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. ET are likely to have more impact than other tweets.

So if you are a business, you need to consider the timings of your tweets for maximum impact.

Maintaining the timing of the tweets, however, can be quite troublesome, specifically when you are running a multi-social networking marketing strategy. Tweeting and following it up with interactions is quite time-consuming, and more so when you are running short of time. One of the ways to beat this problem is to use third-party applications that will automate your tweets, allow you to tweak the message and publish it according to the time you choose.

Do you want to try these third-party applications? Try HootSuite, SocialOomph and TweetDeck. These apps are some of the most popular apps that offer basic tweet scheduling for free. If you like them, you can also opt for additional features that are available for premium users.

Make The Most Of This Festive Season with Multiple eCommerce Stores!

One of the best ways of making the most of any festive season is to have multiple ecommerce stores. We know that the task may look daunting, but believe us, it’s not. With any simple multiple ecommerce stores solution, you can manage all your stores in one go.

Our Single-Store and Multi-Store eCommerce: A Comparison
Our Single-Store and Multi-Store eCommerce: A Comparison

So what are the benefits of having multiple ecommerce stores?

  1. Store enhancement: By enhancing all your ecommerce stores, you have the potential to reach larger section of your target audience. You can create powerful newsletters and content for your stores for better information and communication with your customers.
  2. Special offers: Design various deals and offers for your customers across all the ecommerce stores. Advertize and promote the deals and offers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  3. Shipping: Offer special shipping rates across the stores. You can even offer different shipping rates for different value of shopping carts.
  4. Better marketing strategy: Implement cross-marketing strategies of your products across the stores. Promote all your stores on every store. Offer special discounts for buying from your other stores.
  5. Special apps: Create and share special shopping apps of your stores with your customers. Make those apps simple, fun and effective for more popularity.

If you aren’t sure how to leverage multiple ecommerce stores, contact us. We would be more than happy to guide you.