Benefits of Using X-Cart For Web Development

If you are thinking to create a website for your business, consider using X-Cart platform. This PHP-based, SEO friendly e-commerce solution has integrated HTML catalog functionality, which works perfectly with search engines.

If you use X-Cart for website development, you will be able to avail following benefits:

Easy Installation
X-Cart is quite easy and simple to install. It also comes with user-friendly web interface, free custom support and self-upgrade engine. It has an outstanding storefront system.XCart Development

With X-cart, you can customize each and every feature to make your website attractive and engaging. You can customize designs, templates, layouts, navigation and much more according to the nature of your business and business model.

SEO features
It’s quite easy to integrate an X-cart platform with SEO-friendly features such as meta-tags for each category. You can even have product catalog as static HTML pages if you are looking for a better search engine indexing and ranking

Safe and Secure
X-cart is highly safe and secure and so it works as a great deterrent for the hackers who are out to hack into your business. Armed with features like anti-fraud module, password protected administrative access and real time security info, hacking into X-cart is near impossible.

Customer Support
Whatever problem you face with the platform, customer support is readily available. Just contact them and your problem will disappear in jiffy.

Should You Opt For Custom Web Application Development Services?

Every ecommerce merchant faces this question sooner or later: should you just use the off-the-shelf solutions available for your business or should you opt for customized web application services? Well, the answer mainly lies in what your business requires. Is your business a new one? What is your target audience? What’s the nature of your business?
Let’s discuss the factors that impact this business decision:

Nature of business: What kind of website you need mainly depends on the nature of your business. Are you offering grocery, consumer durables, clothing or what? This factor will help you decide the kind of design and templates that you will need.

Business stage: If you are a new business, you probably don’t need to go for custom development services right now. Once your business grows little bit, you can opt for custom development services.

Business model: Is your business B2B to B2C? What is your target audience? How do they make buying decisions? Collect these data and analyze it.

Market players: It always pays to know your competitors. Study their business model and sales reports. Find out their weakness and turn them into your strength.

Once you have opted for custom development services, the next question is who to hire. There are several ecommerce service providers out there in the market. Better pick the one that has wide experience, so that your project becomes simple and easy.

Customize Your Shopping Cart!

For any ecommerce store, shopping cart is of paramount importance. An inadequate or complex shopping cart can drive away your customers in a jiffy. Instead of trying to learn how to operate your difficult shopping cart, they would rather abandon it and move toward your competitors. So better keep your shopping cart simple, easy and impressive.

So what are the elements of an effective shopping cart? They are:

  • Safety and security
  • Information backup
  • Customized administrative panel
  • Inventory control
  • Marketing functionalities
  • Smooth order processing
  • Better highlighting related products

If you think the nature of your business and the business model is unique, you should opt for customized shopping cart. In a customized shopping cart, you can have features such as:

  • Shipping integration
  • Order notes
  • Order confirmation page
  • Gift wrap options
  • Wish list to cart
  • Advanced mini cart
  • Estimated shipping
  • Coupon discount
  • Order review page
  • Floating shopping cart

If you are opting for a customized shopping cart, it’s better to hire professionals for it. They will know what kind of shopping cart will work for you, given the type of your business and customers.

Simplify Order Management!

How much time do you spend in a day managing the orders of your ecommerce store? Quite a bit of time, don’t you? And this quite a bit of time becomes huge and gigantic as your ecommerce business grows. Or do you already have a giant ecommerce store and two to three employees managing the order process of your store? If that’s the case, would you like to cut short this process? Or perhaps save the resources you spend to manage this facet of your ecommerce store? If you wish to do so, the most efficient way is to use order management solution.

In the market, there are several order management solutions that can simplify your order management system as well as optimize your business operations. Any respected order management solution will:

  • Collect the store’s order data
  • Take phone orders
  • Import orders from external files
  • Create a series of customized reports
  • Integrates your new and existing ecommerce stores
  • Helps in shipping management
  • Offers customizable searching options for orders

Before selecting any particular order management solution for your business, it’s advisable to study the solution in detail. Scrutinize the features it offers, analyze the scalability and flexibility it will bring to your business, and consider the maintenance costs that you will need to undertake to keep the system running smooth and easy.

If you aren’t sure which solution to select, you can also take professional advice for it.

Facebook Ecommerce Store: How To Utilize It To Accelerate Sales?

No doubt Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for ecommerce merchants for announcing events, sales and daily specials. But question is, whether it’s an ideal platform for selling products? We believe so, considering you have 540 million people using it and when your target market is also glued to it. So, it’s not a bad bargain either for businesses.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are planning to use Facebook Store.

Make most of social shopping
On Facebook, fans are free to like, share and comment on your products. So ensure that you turn on these features in the online store front. The facility encourages shoppers to send product listings to friends, leading to dialogue/discussions between them, thereby ensuring increased sales.

Ensure secure online shopping experience
To make your customers feel comfortable, ensure that you use a secure and trusted ecommerce vendor, someone who helps the shopper complete the entire transaction on the Facebook page itself without having to go over the business website page.

Run your Facebook and website shop separate
Your Facebook page should be unique and should have a separate identity of its own. So, promotions and product giveaways on Facebook should not find its way on the website page.  No doubt you are likely to appreciate the people who take out time from their busy schedules and check out your website page, but at the same time, don’t forget the fact that Facebook helps shoppers share your product listings with friends, so focus on making it more attractive.

Learn from other brands out there
Before setting up your own Facebook page, look at your competitor’s Facebook shops and learn from them in terms of what could be adapted and what could be avoided. This exercise will help you incorporate all the pertinent elements on your Facebook page.

Do you want to set up a strong Facebook storefront? Talk to our experienced Facebook store developers right away.