How to Name Your Blog

With over almost 366,848,493 websites and 15 billion indexed pages on the web, getting that killer name for your blog is … well … difficult. So what are your options?

I recommend the following:

  1. Keep it Sweet and Simple: Simpler domain names are likely to be more memorable than long or complex ones. Think single-word, slightly off-beat, curiously named sites – Yahoo, Google, and Amazon … the lot.How to Name Your Blog
  2. What your site will do: So what will your blog offer your customers? Gossip? News? Your own opinion? Data? Good reading? How good it’s likely to be? What will be the one thing it will do better than any other blog? Think hard; surround yourself in images in your mind’s eye – images that articulate the job, the USP, the special identity of your site, its forte.
  3. On second thought: Don’t try too hard. Immersing yourself in the experience of finding that perfect name for your blog is worth it. Spend time doing your favorite things, gorging on favorite food, meeting people whose company you enjoy, and so on. Success is a by-product of causal effort!
  4. Is that name available: Even after you have found the perfect domain name for your blog, you need to ensure that it is not already taken. Purchasing from BigRock or GoDaddy? Those sites will offer validation tools to see if the domain name you want is available. You can also check on Another site,, will tell you who owns the name if it’s already taken. They might be willing to sell it, if you get in touch and ask them. Also look up social media sites and their pages to confirm it’s not yet taken there.
  5. Spend the bucks: If the domain name you want is available, get it fast! Get a few more that sound or read like it, for good measure. You want your domain name to be as exclusive as it can be. Domain names come pretty affordable these days, though it depends on what name you want.

Finally, it is only your creativity and sense of names that help you find a really good name that:

  • Communicates the purpose of your blog immediately
  • Defines what it is all about for the visitor
  • Gives a good idea to the visitor about what s/he can expect
  • Enables people to find it quickly

Those who have a way with words and phrases will be better at finding a great name for the kind of blog you want. Consult family and friends and ask for suggestions. Keep in mind the above parameters when hunting for a great name that will drive visitors to your blog or site.

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