Ins and Outs of Social Media Marketing

Of course, every company now realizes the importance of social media marketing. Every company understands the need of having a proper and effective social media strategy. However, not every social media strategy works the way you want if not designed properly. So when you are creating a strategy for a successful social media campaign, please consider the following media marketing

  • Content: Content is the most important ingredient of any social media marketing campaign. Make sure that your content is engaging, creative and relevant. Unless the visitors are impressed by the content, they won’t spend time reading it, let alone share it.
  • Modifications: Every marketing campaign needs room for modification. When you implement the strategy, you need to gauge your audience’s reaction and then you need to make the required changes.
  • Consistency: Your social media marketing strategy needs to be consistent. By consistent, we mean regularly updating your social media accounts, regularly engaging your audience and regularly changing feeds.
  • Personalization: Just posting updates about your products in not enough. Personalize your comments, status and feeds to relate to your audience. Listen to what they are saying and offer specific solutions. Make them feel valued as that will take the awareness about your company and products to the next level.

These are just some of the factors you have to consider while creating a social media marketing strategy. However, before you start strategizing, it’s better to research your target audience. Know what they like and how they behave. That would definitely help you create effective and successful strategy.

Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website

There are several e-commerce websites out there on the Internet for each and every thing. To have a successful e-commerce website, you need to attract hordes of relevant traffic that you can convert into paying customers. However, attracting traffic to your website takes skill and determination. You have to equip your website with the best user-friendly functions and applications. If you are looking to attract traffic to your website, please consider the following factors before taking any decision.eCommerce Development

  • Website Design: Website design plays a very important role in attracting the traffic. Unless the design is aesthetic, attractive and professional, the visitors wouldn’t be compelled to be on the website for more than a minute. So design a website that directly targets your target audience.
  •  Navigation: Equip your website with the best user-friendly navigation features and applications to keep your visitors happy. The ease with which the visitors can find the item they are looking for and the simplicity and security of the transaction will keep the visitors visiting your website again and again.
  • Safety and Security: If you are accepting payments online from your customers, you definitely need to highly secure payment gateway. The customer will only do the business with you if they are assured about the safety of their transactions on your website.
  • Testimonials: Put up your past customers experience as testimonials on your website. This will assure your potential customers about your authenticity and the level of the service you offer.

If the above mentioned factors are perfectly balanced, you will not receive phenomenal relevant traffic but you will be able to convert that traffic into paying customers in no time. If you aren’t sure how to achieve it, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional firm who specializes in this task.

Why Yahoo Merchant Solutions are the best for small business?

The world is going the eCommerce way. Are you too waiting to make a mark in the online world, but feel at loss when it comes to figuring out the right web store for your products and services? Simply follow the herd, we say. Yahoo store is one of the most popular web stores and with good reason. yahoo small business

Some of the major advantages of using Yahoo over an open source eCommerce solution are:

  • Tools and templates help your design your online storefront
  • Reliable web hosting for your online storefront
  • Yahoo shopping cart is already search engine optimized and easy to implement
  • Full access to Yahoo’s shopping cart features
  • 24/7 technical support from Yahoo
  • Helps in payment processing
  • Access to powerful analysis for your website

To cut the long story short, Yahoo small business solutions has got all its ducks lined in a row for aspiring online entrepreneurs. From putting up your webstore to setting up your infrastructure from scratch, Yahoo takes care of everything. Knowledge of web programming is also not required. In fact, even computer illiterate can have a Yahoo store, up and running in no time.