Google Shopping extends to mobile and tablets

In May Google Product Search was baptized once again. Now as Google Shopping. Though the concept remains the same- to connect the consumers with relevant merchants- the service is no longer free now. Yes, you heard it right. From now on, you have to pay for your product’s visibility.

Well, Google shopping has finally rolled out in a big bang way. It is now available on smartphones and tablets, besides the desktops. Despite their being a fee, the feature helps increase the visibility of products.

Google Shopping extends to mobile and tablets

How to go about with Google Shopping?

Create Your Product Listing
Start Google shopping with product listings. The listing in other words is Adword advertisements which include all the product info including price, name, etc. Once the product is listed, Google will dish out relevant results depending on the query in the search box. The results may not be an exact match either. However, as long as the query is relevant or matches the items in your Merchant Center account, your content will get displayed.

The catch for creating a product listing for Google Shopping is to have both merchant center account and adwords account.

Pay For Your Listing       
As Google product listing are Adword ads, the pricing is similar. The new model offers opportunities on the basis of cost per click and cost per acquisition. However, Google shopping does not depend on keywords like Adword ads do. It depends on brand, type of product listings and other attributes. Moreover, it is  pocket-friendly than Adwords.

Capitalize on the opportunity
Google Shopping has given yet another opportunity to merchants to convert browsers into buyers. This simply means the merchants should ensure that their landing pages, product pages and the website gives ideal shopping experience to the customers. And with smartphones and tablets a part of the mix it becomes all the more necessary for merchants to ensure that customers buy via these devices as well.

Google Shopping paid listings, may have left out small time merchants in a lurch, however, the search-engine giant has managed to balance it out by rolling out its services on smartphone and tablet platforms as well. It will be interesting to see whether the inclusion of fees keeps the merchants away from Google shopping, or the roll out of smartphones and tablet platforms  brings them more closer to Google.

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