Are you underestimating the power of social media marketing?

Are you underestimating the power of social media marketing?

Every now and then we hear the success stories of ecommerce stores. Have you ever wondered how it happened? Or what you can do to achieve the same results? Or may be more? Well, you too can do that and your ecommerce store can reach the pinnacle of success in a short period of time; but to do that, you need to leverage social media platform. We know it may sound cliche but it’s true. People just don’t chat or play games on social media platforms. They share and recommend products and services to their friends and family on these platforms. You can definitely explore this avenue for mind-numbing success.

According to Statista, one of the leading market research company, Americans spend more than 121.8 billion monthly minutes on social media. And what do they do over here? Over 20% of their time is spent on checking their friend’s content and commenting on it. Given this research, can you afford to ignore or underestimate the power of social media platforms? Of course not.

The next question is how to leverage this platform? You can’t sell or promote your products directly as users over here simply hate it. We have discussed some of the things over here that you can try.

Find out where your users share your products

First of all, you need to find out where your users share your products. If you don’t know how to do it, you can buy tools such as AddThis that offers data on social sharing trends. Even social bookmarks can help you in this. Through this exercise, you will be able to figure that the platform on which your users are sharing your products, and then you can enhance your website design to focus on the important services.

Set up profiles on social networking websites

Once you figure out where your users like to interact, set up your company’s profile on that platform. Facebook and Twitter are great starting place for this as they are the most famous social networking platforms.

Add product images and videos

Once your profile is set, you should upload product information, images and videos as this will let your users view the products at their leisure. Moreover, product videos are very important for sales as it enables people to see the products in action.

Engage your users

As direct sales is an absolute no-no, the next best thing that you can do is stay in constant contact with your customers. Join community groups based on the nature of your products, answer questions regarding your products, and join relevant discussion boards. And last but not the least, take unique, fresh initiatives to attract and retain your users. Social media offers a range of opportunities for you to get ideas for it.

Create customer service strategy

Create a customer service strategy that meshes with your social media strategy. If you know that a particular customer is facing a problem regarding your product, don’t just wait for him/her to contact you. Reach out to them and make them happy. You never know how beneficial that can be.

For a successful 2013, every ecommerce company should focus on customer satisfaction and customized offers. Offering richer and better online experience is not only good for sales and it’s a great tool to build stronger goodwill and brand.

Why Purchase an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is issued by a certificate authority for sites that require online transactions or ecommerce sites. Getting the certificate does two important things from the point of view of online security:

  1. It confirms to the customer that you are a legitimate ecommerce business.
  2. It encrypts the customer’s data so that it cannot be misused.

The use of credit card numbers in online transactions is a matter of great concern to many shoppers who fear for their credit card information getting compromised. If they see that your site has a trusted SSL certificate from a well-known certificate authority, they feel assured that the transaction will be safe. And that trust is critical to your business, without it you cannot have enough customers shopping in your store.

SSL certificates were introduced in 1994. Since then they have been the standard for ecommerce transaction security. SSL certificates can be purchased from recognized certificate authority agencies. The following are among the most reliable certificate authority agencies:

SSL security
Why Purchase an SSL Certificate?

1.    VeriSign
2.    Thawte
3.    Geotrust
4.    Comodo
5.    Entrust
6.    Digicert
7.    Go Daddy
8.    Network Solutions

The best and most trusted certificates are slightly expensive, but they are a good investment. You have recourse to certificates that are inexpensive but don’t mean much by way of security to your customers. Most certificate authority agencies make the process of sourcing a certificate quick and easy.

There’s the idea that big-name CAs such as VeriSign and Thawte offer the same encryption as the inexpensive ones. Whether you’d like to pay to have one of those names on your site or pay less for the inexpensive alternatives is your call.

Ecommerce sites generally prefer the expensive options since their customers want to be 100% sure that their data is safe. If you want to only secure the mail server your employees will be using, one of the cheaper options will do nicely.