Why Netaya choose Ydevelopers’ Custom Yahoo! Store Design

There are a good number of reasons why eCommerce retailers prefer Yahoo ecommerce store solutions over others. The foremost attraction is that it helps your business get an independent domain name and a custom email id; second, it facilitates brand building by engaging your customers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest right in your Yahoo! storefront; and third, the customers and retailers can operate their Yahoo cart independently as we help them build central admin panels that help them manage their store easily.

Custom Yahoo Store
NATAYA – A Yahoo! Store

Ydeveloper has offered Amazon and eBay store designs to numerous online companies. But, over a period of time, our designers have sharpened their skills and are quite well-equipped to offer custom Yahoo Store designs. The Netaya online jewelry store is one of the finest examples of our expertise in customized Yahoo Store design. Netaya is an established player in the high-end jewelry space with over 50 years of experience. When the company decided to go online, our small team of about 150 seasoned developers and designers decided to support them with turnkey Yahoo store solutions. Our team worked closely with Netaya’s core management team to offer layouts, navigational tools, and designs that were not only technologically excellent but also aesthetically trendy.

Yahoo Store Design Portfolio
Yahoo Store Design Portfolio

Our graphic designers were pretty excited while working on their Yahoo store design. They had to work on one single powerful theme that would unite all the web pages; a theme that would reflect the company’s ethos. And since the theme stays with the shopper as they browse and view different products, it had to be really dynamic. So our designers chose to play with light colors, specifically different shades of blue to enhance the display and beauty of the jewelry showcased.

When it came to positioning various navigational tools, on the top-left of the home page, we placed Netaya’s logo with a punch line, “Fine Design Jewelry for Less,” followed by a top navigation bar and a search tool. At the top-right of the home page, shoppers could login or view their shopping cart easily.

From the perspective of Yahoo store designers and more importantly from the perspective of the customers, the top navigation bar is an important tool. It gives the shoppers an overall idea of the products the webstore deals in. The Netaya store’s top navigation bar consists of various types of jewelry the store offers — ranging from rings, earrings, bracelets, and engagement rings to gift ideas.

The left-hand navigation bar allows shoppers to choose accessories going by the heading and sub-headings. The center spread is more exciting, given that there’s so much on display. You get to browse what’s on sale, the bestsellers, and the ‘Gift Finder’ tool as well. There’s also a gift guide that helps shoppers pick the right gifts.

What’s more, there’s enough room for banners to makes the page livelier and more fun. Further, below the bestsellers, you can see the different payment options offered by Netaya. Close to the payment option, you can see the social media platforms Netaya uses for engagement, including Facebook and Twitter. The shoppers can like the store on the Facebook or follow them on Twitter. This helps in brand building.

The bottom of the Yahoo! store design gives you complete information about the company, including about us, shipping policy and rates, return instructions, and so on.

The Netaya store offers a very interactive way of shopping for jewelry, keeping in mind customer preferences. The different bells and whistles prompt the shoppers to return again and again. Ydeveloper’s custom Yahoo store designs are sure to help you beat the competition hands down and maximize your ROI.

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