Knowing Your E-Commerce Customer

Knowing the e-commerce customer has become critically important today for two major reasons:

  • Online marketing is no longer simply about selling; it now requires a thorough understanding of e-commerce customers, their in-store behavior, and their perception of your products or services.
  • Online businesses are now just as privileged as brick-and-mortar stores in their ability to understand the e-commerce customer – thanks to latest web analytics tools and customer behavior metrics available.

What does an e-commerce business need to know about its customers? Useful information includes age, occupation, location, hobbies, and favorite places to shop.

eCommerce Customer
Knowing Your E-Commerce Customer

On the basis of such information, you can enhance your marketing, SEO, content, design, and the in-store customer experience. Such knowledge makes it easier to plan marketing and other strategies. Understanding the e-commerce customer’s shopping habits gives precious insights into his/her particular preferences. Here are a few general observations:

  • Many e-commerce customers shop late; the benefit of midnight sales and the time available after office hours are possible causes of such behavior.
  • Your e-commerce customer may be shopping while watching TV or chatting with friends on social media sites. Catching his/her attention at such times is a challenge. Timing and placement of products, calls to action, and other attractive sections are therefore important.
  • Online shoppers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to shop online. These gadgets make it extremely easy to look up information on products and actually purchase them. But you need an app or a mobile website for that purpose.
  • Security is a major concern for most e-commerce customers. Confidentiality of their personal and credit card information, for example, is particularly important to them.
  • There is a difference between the preferences of male and female customers as well. Based on the products you sell, it is important to figure in these preferences of e-commerce customers.
  • The time to deliver and product quality are equally important factors. Quality of both the product and the service influence an e-commerce customer’s preference of online store and the kind of reviews left.

You have probably made your own observations as well, regarding your own e-commerce customers. If you need help with any particular requirements of your e-commerce customers, please share them with us in the comments.


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    This is a good post about need of customers who do e-commerce business. E-commerce business is running very fast nowadays so E-commerce business need to know the age, occupation, location, hobbies and favorite place to shop of customers.

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