Content- Communication with Commercial Clarity

Communication has a lion’s share now in the market. Every medium of interaction is called communication. We communicate with readers by our content. Hence content becomes our sharp weapon to reach readers. Content has been ruling the roof always in online business. It flaunts the website perfectly, talks about services and products and so on. There are some norms to follow while writing the content.

Content is the Key
Content- Communication with Commercial Clarity

Content is face of the company actually speaking. Keep it simple yet significant. Now search engines are always on the hunt of excellent content in Google. Panda update helps us in this regard.

Create a web site from visitors point of view never to create SEO inclined one. Penguin Update by Google also supports this idea only. Keep on updating fresh and unique content constantly.

Worthy content –Quality content is a feast to the readers. As per SEO norms, content should be informative, educative and client centric. If you are providing quality content then half of the battle is won.

Use of the content- Add all the information that a visitor expects. Always write content from visitors’ perspective. Main purpose of your writing will be not only using the best language but adding excellent and unique information which is useful to readers.

Branding– If you produce valuable or quality content, then the brand building is automatically done.

Easy locating-Write content in such a way, that it should be easily found. Insert key words perfectly in your content. The write up should look relevant.

Content sharing– It is very important feature to share content with your readers. If your content is worth reading and filled with proper information then sky is the limit for you. There will be a huge fan following!

Summing up content has to be original, creative, simple and yet touching readers. Once readers are convinced then you don’t have to bother about.

Ydeveloper has a team of content writers. It offers SEO inclined content and all sorts of content. Knowing the worth and importance of content, our writers use their talent optimum while offering their services. Writing to clients’ satisfaction is a challenge and our writers love it!

Open Source Customization- Opens a Way of New Business Online! – I

ECommerce has stirred the business in the market. Gone are those days when you went to shop manually. Call it time pressed or any other reason, technology has taken the reins of our lives. Most of them are shopping online. They browse, analyze, compare and then order for shipping. Online establishment means customization and integration.

Web application has become a sharp weapon to sell anything on line these days. Business owner easily gets connected to the customers easily. Open source is a structure that offers complete freedom for the business owner.

Open Source
Open Source Customization- Opens a Way of New Business On Line! -1

This platform offers a ‘think tank’ of designers. In case of any serious problem, they come united and resolve the problem.

Now any one can have an online shop in any corner of the world and run successfully. At this stage integration and customization play a pivotal role.

Web technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento have turned everybody’s life for the better. Offering open source facility these technologies help in cost effectiveness maintaining the quality.

Open source software may not have all the functionalities that you need. Adding all those functionality that you need is called customization. This should go along with your business as well. By customizing these functionalities you can run business smooth.

Word press is meant for creating a blog because it has all functionality and excellent designs available.

Joomla is the easiest to work with having high flexibility. It has become the favorite of developers, designers and programmers. You can everything what you want from Joomla.

Drupal is meant for maintaining Content. It is slightly hard to go, but if you are used to it once then, you understand the beauty of it.

Magento is best suited for eCommerce. If you need anything in CMS you need to rely on this Magento for customization. Anyone can create his own website with open source development.

Ydeveloper has team of highly trained developers in all the above discussed technologies. Their expertise is sure shot in yielding fruits. Ydeveloper believes in learning and mastering technology. This ongoing process has pushed Ydeveloper to become a fore front runner in web technology!

Google Shopping: Treading the Monetized Path

Google Shopping will officially switch to a paid model and has been already testing various queries. The transition to the monetized service is expected to take place some time in the fall of 2012.

Google Shopping is gradually donning a new avatar as we progress toward the monetized shopping portal. Merchants will now be paying to display their wares here.

These moves will remove a lot of affiliate or agent websites that aggregate product and services from various manufacturers and sell them online. The end user and the brand owner often find themselves at a disadvantage, as a result of such activity. But then there’s the factor of competing with global e-tail giants as well, so let’s see how things roll out.

Google Trusted Store
Google Shopping: Treading the Monetized Path

Google’s new policies will give better control to the merchants. The latter will now be able to decide what products are listed and promoted in Google Shopping. Previously, it was Google’s relevancy parameters that chose those products. Being able to decide what products are promoted online has its obvious benefits plus some more.

Together with this announcement, Google also announced the addition and official rollout of the Google Trusted Store. For now, the reportedly useful badge is free. Inclusion depends on your ability to conform to Google’s requirements.

Customers have the advantage of asking Google to intervene if and when they are unable to resolve any issues with the participating merchant on Google Trusted Store. Otherwise, they have the satisfaction of having Google’s protection on their online orders.

Merchants who fail to comply with Google’s minimum performance standards risk having their eligibility for participation revoked and the Trusted Stores Program agreement terminated. The entire program is well within Google’s jurisdiction.

At present, the program is available only in the United States. But following adequate response there and the worldwide sentiment, it is likely to extend beyond.

What is remarkable about this shift to a paid model is that other ‘free’ online goodies will also likely go the monetized way. While ‘free’ will remain the more popular option among merchants, the value of signing up for monetized services will decide the fate of Google’s latest ventures.

But when some of the most coveted advertising space in the world is available to merchants, you can be sure it’s going to get big. Search engine results pages will now have more ads on them than ever before, and all that space will be paid for by merchants.

Of course, nothing succeeds like success, and if this succeeds, we are on course for a new era in online retail.

10 Tips for a Better Facebook Experience

There are many posts online that talk about tips and tricks and techniques of using Facebook. That thought brings up another question: What exactly is ‘a facebook’? The word ‘facebook’ used to denote a directory that contained photos and basic information on people. It is now evolved to more popularly denote the online social media platform.

But it would be wise to remember that Facebook cannot hog center stage all the time. You are the one who deserves it more. After all, your membership is one of the millions of reasons why Facebook is what it is. Facebook is, both statistically and arguably, the largest social network on the internet. However, it isn’t as user centric as it should and can be.

The following 10 tips on using Facebook will allow you to customize your Facebook experience to your taste. Chances are, by the time you have implemented these, Facebook will have changed quite a few things. Then there will be a new set of tips! But for now, these will suffice:

Facebook Optimization
10 Tips for a Better Facebook Experience

1. How to hide on Facebook chat: Opening your Facebook chat window. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner. Go to “Advanced Settings” and customize your chat experience by appearing offline to selected ‘friends’.

2. How to display photos on your Facebook timeline: Click “Edit Photo” on your Timeline page. Use the “Reposition Photo” option to move your photo around the preview window to position it as you want.

3. Brag, using photographic evidence: Go to the Places page, click “Add Photos to Map” and start tagging (read bragging)!

4. Get rid of app notifications: Go to your account settings, and then to the “Notifications” tab on the left side of the page. Browse the applications that have permission send you news feed. Deactivate those apps that annoy you with excess feeds.

5. Display that photo correctly: Sometimes, that photo you uploaded to your Facebook profile looks blurry. Go to your Facebook album and click the ‘High Quality’ box before you upload the next photo.

6. Customize which friends see what: From your Timeline page, click the settings icon beside “Activity Log” and click “View As.” Here you’ll be able to see what specific friends see when they visit your page.

7. Get your copy of your Facebook history: Under the Account Settings page, there’s a small link at the bottom end of the options list. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” to get your own copy of everything you put up on Facebook since you created your profile.

8. Forward a message to several friends at once: Click the “Actions” tab at the top of any Facebook message thread to access the option to forward it to others. Just choosing the ‘Friends’ option will display it to all your friends.

9. Turn automatic chat sign-in off: You don’t want to chat before you have looked up the messages and friends’ requests. Click the settings icon in the main Facebook chat window, and click “Turn off chat” to have all future messages sent to your inbox, rather than have them pop-up in real time on your screen.

10. Design your business card: Click the “About” link under your name on your Timeline. Look up your social network details. In the Contact Info window is a small business card icon that takes you to, where you can create a custom business card and place an order.

PPC – A service with sure results

Now technology is ruling the roof, everyone who has tasted amazing returns would like to stick to it by any reason or time. PPC is a new buzz word. In this scenario PPC comes to your help. Pay per click advertising is excellent when your website is not showing high rank in search engine results. There is no risk involved with PPC campaign.

Keyword research is an integral part of online business. The right key words will streamline and maximize your campaign in a disciplined way.

Pay Per Click

PPC as a tool is clicking these days in the search field. You need to be swift enough to pick sure shot keyword phrases. PPC software is designed especially for advertising and amateur inventors. This software will guide you to find what key words are used and how much you need to pay. The service involves yahoo, Google, Ask and Msn to generate data on key words.

In the present scenario, PPC is clicking the business effectively. You need to follow basic rules and regulations to optimize your website utilizing ppc packages. PPC is gaining popularity swiftly these days.

Before setting PPC advertising services, they should be very clear and understanding all the basic rules of this PPC package. The bigger programs need to be crisper and need a solid planning o take it to the next level. This is very crucial step if not taken properly you need to shell out so much money. If PPC is managed perfectly then those companies can mint money.

Many PPC advertising programs have been successful and proved profitability to the highest. Basically PPC program doesn’t expect you to be thoroughly skillful or talented. Right from the smallest to the biggest company is after PPC program to earn money following market strategies. Either way PPC clicks in online marketing.

Ydeveloper provides this PPC service with sure shot results. Expertises with technical tactics know exactly how to cope up with this. Ydeveloper has been offering this PPC services successfully.