The Cloud of Change: Relevance of In-Cloud Computing to Ecommerce

The cloud is still an emerging phenomenon. While companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon have managed to take it to the working stage, there’s still much left to be done by way of popularizing it.

This is a great business instrument, and there’s no doubt whatsoever there. An easy extension of that truth is that ecommerce can benefit to a great extent from it.

Why cloud computing is relevant to ecommerce

A customer of a cloud services provider can alter his cloud computing resources based on his business requirement. This is highly significant since it can potentially reduce the often-exorbitant costs attached with maintaining a website and web apps. The business community can significantly lower operating costs or completely do away with capital expenditure.

Cloud computing offerings can be categorized in the following major categories:

  • Software-as-a-Service: For provision of applications relevant to ecommerce – such as Google Apps and
  • Platform-as-a-Service: For provision of ready frameworks and development tools such as MS Azure and Google App Engine
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service: For enabling businesses to source computing, storage, and network resources without owning physical devices; Amazon Web Services are a great example

Cloud computing, unlike traditional hosting, does not force customers into contracts that make them pay for more than what they really require. If, for example, your traffic is at its peak during November and December, you can add enough resources for that period. Once that period is over, you can switch back to using and paying for only as many resources as you require.

Therefore, you won’t be wasting any resources at any given point in time. The cyclical nature of ecommerce businesses puts ecommerce businesses in just the perfect position to make the most of in-cloud services and resources.

Cloud computing allows your ecommerce business to source just the required amount of computing resources for only as long as you require them. That ensures savings of precious dollars for your organization.

The disadvantages of cloud computing there are none, if you access services to firewall, encrypt, or otherwise safeguard your data in the cloud.

If you have hired the right personnel to leverage the merits of cloud computing – such as those at Ydeveloper – cloud computing can bring welcome relief in these hostile economic conditions.


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