Working on Your Social Media Metrics

The importance of refreshing and repositioning your approach to the social media metrics that you use to analyze your social media presence cannot be too exaggerated. As the use of social media for business progresses to higher levels of sophistication and better experience for customers, it becomes increasingly important to keep working on your social media metrics, which measure your ROI from your social media presence.

Relying too much on the age-old metrics such as likes and number of fans and followers (which are of course still quite relevant) will not present a true picture of the efficacy of your social presence. The metrics that matter will depend on several factors such as the size of your business, vertical, products, social media goals and so on.

Social Media
Social Media

Here are some general pointers on what to look for to measure the value your social media presence:

  • Having a vast following may not be sufficient in itself. That is because, for example, pages with thousands of fans on Facebook aren’t really addressing their best customers. Measuring quality has to be taken up more seriously. Find your own criteria to measure quality and give it a go. Cultivate those fans that are particularly interested and engaged. Invest in targeting them in organic ways to maintain an authentic audience.
  • To ensure a quality audience, it is utterly important to find out who your fans are. One way to know your fans is to check out their demographics. The countries, languages, age groups, and so on are criteria that tell you important things about your fans, such as location, cultural preferences, and trends. Once you have such information, you need to align your marketing message and even offerings to the preferences of the fan base to the extent possible.
  • Simply keeping a tab on the popularity of your pages or messages is not enough. It is more relevant to find out why they became popular. What question, link to a video, white paper, or other similar content lead to the popularity of that page is the question to consider. Being attuned to visitor and customer preferences is crucial to the success of your social presence.
  • Keep an eye on content such as white papers, blog posts, podcasts, and infographics. Your visitors will come to your pages mainly to acquire information about your products. Such content gives them that information. You need information regarding what particular and kind of content gets the maximum click-throughs and what pages are viewed the most. Then on, your content production effort becomes a well-directed initiative.

You will also need to keep asking from time to time what social platform is more successful at bringing audience responses such as purchases, signups, and tweets or retweets. The more meticulous your analysis of your overall social presence, the more attuned will your social efforts become over time.

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