Pinterest Clones: Where Angels Rush In

Pinterest’s status as the latest-big-thing among social media platforms is not exactly under siege. It has had a major impact by simply taking up image sharing for its USP. It’s also growing well, having overtaken even Twitter insofar as the generation of referral traffic is concerned.

Businesses the world over are already contemplating a presence on Pinterest, which speaks to the immense acceptance Pinterest enjoys. That when it is still an invitation-only platform.

You click on an image, see it enlarged, and click on the link that accompanies it to see the website where it belongs. This model is now being imitated by host of much smaller sites that have latched on to more specialization within the broad idea behind Pinterest.


Here are a few of those:

Facebook Friendsheet
Can you believe that? Even big bro’ Facebook has an app to display your Facebook photos in the Pinterest format. The scrapbook-style layout has become so popular online, Facebook has had to offer an app that emulates that style. This format is all set to become the standard for social media image sharing.

This is a site for men with an interest in refined design and recipes that look and taste great. Well, manly is the word for it. But there are also great shoes, cars, tools, accessories, guitars, gadgets, … you get the drift. An off-white background stands it in good stead too. At the time of this writing, Gentlemint had 417 pages on it. This looks like serious competition to the deadlier-half-dominated Pinterest.

While Pinterest has been besieged by the better half of humankind, Manteresting is a response that doesn’t differ much in looks. It is not full of the usual stuff that ‘manly’ sites are made of. You have motivating quotes, décor, and models of the sort that you can also see on Pinterest. The emphasis is on team sports here. The header banner and the lettering there somewhat spoil the pride of exclusivity.

Pingram puts Pinterest and Instagram photos together. Doesn’t carry as much appeal as some of the other clones. Why Instagram pics are supposed to be so ‘hawt’ is beyond me. The look is similar to Pinterest, as is the functionality. Only Instagram photos here, though.

Pinterest doesn’t quite make it as the platform for sharing videos. Where it concerns sharing them, even YouTube doesn’t quite cut a pretty picture. Chill is meant for sharing them, however. The layout does resemble Pinterest a bit, but then it’s a whole different ball game.

Copyright issues notwithstanding, these sites have gone ahead and improvised on something that is itself pathbreaking.

In addition to these, there are also Usabila, Shopalog, Urbantag, Pinspire … and so on. Image sharing and visual bookmarking have taken off in a big, big way in social media, unless I am very much mistaken.

Check these out and let me know which ones impressed you.


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