Strategic Internet Marketing for Small Business

Small business = limited budget (most likely). Internet marketing = the cheapest resource for strategic marketing. Small investment + good return = good online business

How to go about it:

a) Create quality content

What is quality content?

Internet Marketing Services
Internet Marketing Services

Quality content is relevant and useful content. Such content can establish you as the most trusted source of info regarding your product. It is also the reason why more people will buy from you once you create a reputation for yourself. If you are a business that sells sunglasses, for example, answer questions (on your own blog or relevant forums) such as:

  1. What kinds of sunglasses provide max protection to the eyes?
  2. What type is most suitable for a square face?
  3. Will I get after-sales service for my pair?

No need to spend precious dollars on advertising.

b) Market your content through email

  1. Send emails with informative content to clients and interested consumers.
  2. Give them links to the answers you have for them.
  3. Provide enough content and links in the emails to help them decide to visit your website.

c) Promote your best content on social networking sites

  1. Be a good listener – listen to what people are saying about your product or niche
  2. Create special posts to answer every pertinent question or issue
  3. Company makes the man – observe what the best businesses in your niche do on their pages
  4. Don’t blatantly copy what they are doing – just respond well
  5. Participate on social media sites. That’s important.

d) Ensure that people are visiting your website.

  1. Your website, over time, should evolve into a reliable hub for information on your products.
  2. Include links to the site on your social media pages every time you create an online post.
  3. Address issues relevant to your vertical and business well. More traffic to the site means more customers. Active and useful

e) Acquire visitor information.
Ways to acquire info on your visitors include forms and fields on the site to help capture info about the visitors. These can be:

  1. Forms to subscribe to blogs and newsletters or download whitepaper
  2. ‘Follow Us’ links for growing a fan base on social networks
  3. Sign-up for email list

Why do you need such info? Because you need to know who is interested in your products so that you can approach them more directly and avoid sending marketing messages to persons who do not want them. The more people sign up, the better you are able to streamline your marketing strategies.

All the best with your strategic internet marketing!


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