Starting Your Own eBay Business

People often start out on their eBay selling career selling used goods that include books, clothes, and DVDs. How will you advance your business once you are done with all such items? Here are a few suggestions you might find useful.

There are several places where you could find a treasure trove of products to sell on eBay. Some eBay sellers will be lucky to hook up with a manufacturer and offer a brand. Others will simply go to sources such as thrift stores and garage sales or even handicraft experts to find merchandise that they can sell on eBay.

While you are at it, why not try to also bid on the goods stored in storage vaults? You can buy wholesale and sell retail for a decent profit. Or you could be in touch with a drop shipper. There are many power sellers on eBay who apply the concept of drop shipping to great effect. This way, you can sell products that you haven’t paid for in advance and for which you do not need to concern yourself with the actual shipping. These are two great means of acquiring products to sell on eBay.

Selling on consignment is yet another way to derive maximum advantage from an eBay store. The benefits of doing that are two-fold:

  1. Sell goods through one of the drop-off stores on eBay
  2. Sell other people’s goods on consignment basis

In case you are committed to run an eBay business that supports you, you should seriously consider the auction tools that eBay offers. Some of these tools are free while others need to be paid for. There are tools to find auction products as well, on eBay.

eBay’s unique status as a marketplace for one and all lends itself superbly to seriously pursuing a small or big online business. eBay’s listing software will help you list all your products without much effort and also provide the templates you’ll need to make your auctions look more professional.

Auction sites, wholesale lots on eBay itself, wholesale and drop shipping companies, government auctions, garage sales and thrift stores are some great sources to find products to sell on eBay.

Ebay Store Design and Development
Ebay Store Design and Development

You can even buy domain names with popular keywords and key phrases in them. These you could sell for a significant profit. The better names, shorter names, ones with the very best keywords and keyword combinations have already been purchased, most probably. But you can still use the domain name validation tools at the site to come up with some novel and attractive domain names to sell on eBay.

You could even visit the aftermarket programs on such websites to find out what domain names are up for sale. You could possibly purchase at least some of them at discounted rates and then put in the effort to find prospective buyers, or even the other way round.

Creating domain names is definitely not easy. But hey, use your creative instincts and your mastery of the English language and presto!

The point to note is that you do not have to have or manufacture actual products to become a seller on eBay. You’ll need some help with setting up your store, of course. Not to forget the promotion of your products. But, hey again, we can help out!

Do you have any ideas about any unique propositions you’d like to try out? Need a professional eBay store? Any questions regarding what we can do to help you run your online business?
Bring it on!


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