The Value in Building an Amazon Associate Store

A newbie webpreneur might find it daunting to tell the difference between affiliate marketing and article marketing. I was myself quite unsure of what Amazon Associate marketing meant until recently. Visiting and other relevant websites helped clear up the concept.

The Amazon Associate program is notorious for the tiny commissions it pays for affiliate marketing benefits. However, it does deserve a second look. And for good reason.

It goes like this: you build an Amazon store. There are two kinds of Amazon stores – 1) the community store and 2) the niche store.

If your business or other website boasts a community of like-minded individual who share a particular interest – say the harmonica (a popular folk instrument) or growing bonsais or urban farming or whatever else – you can connect it to an Amazon store all your own.

Amazon Associate Store
Amazon Associate Store

Get it properly optimized for the web, and you get more traffic and exposure to the community website you own. In addition, you can create a business out of selling products that your community would most certainly be interested in.

In case you do not have a website with a following, you can opt for an Amazon store that answers demand for a micro niche product. Building fully functional models of RC airplanes or cacti culture are examples of micro niche hobbies. You could sell relevant products on Amazon.

If you can create an Amazon store to organize all such relevant products on Amazon and list them in categories that are familiar to the community, you could have a great business prospect on your hands. Then on, you can get your niche store on Amazon optimized for the web by a professional SEO service provider and expect significant traffic and popularity for your store.

Building such a community or niche store on Amazon of course provides Amazon a significant amount of data, information, and wider acceptance. What the Amazon platform does for you, your community, and your business is that it provides unprecedented exposure on a global scale. You can easily envision the direction that Amazon is trying to take.

If it is beneficial to your uniquely positioned business, why not make most of an Amazon store?

As for the kind of niche content development, optimization, and other web store development services that will be required for such an extremely useful pursuit, mavens such as Ydeveloper could easily provide well-rounded support at minimum cost.

You will already be doing exactly what you are interested in, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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