eBay’s ProStores is for Both Ecommerce Newbies and Pros

ProStores is essentially a toolset for merchants who wish to build an online shop. Its distinguishing feature is that while it enables the ecommerce young turk to set up a simple online store, it also provides an established online businessman the equipment to handle all the diverse ecommerce tasks such as inventory management and cost analysis.

The ProStores kit is available in various tiers you can opt for as per the level of your experience or requirement. These are as follows:

  1. Express Tier: The elementary tier for eBay stores users. Provides the newbie merchant space to include 10 items over two pages to display them. With every successful sale, you pay a fee of 1.5% as well.
  2. Business Tier: A basic tier for with a 0.5% fee. You can include any number of products in your inventory, with 50g/month transfers and 24×7 tech su   pport. You can also use your own domain name. This package is perfect for a great majority of small businesses or eBay seller.

    eBay’s ProStores
    eBay’s ProStores
  3. Advanced Tier: For a higher-end business, with a 0.5% transaction fee. This tier is meant for the established SMB. Includes all the features of previous tiers plus enhanced tools for merchandizing, inventory control, promotion, and payment management.
  4. Enterprise Tier: The top-end tier at 0.5% per transaction. For established midsize businesses only. Includes tools for integrating and streamlining your online business with an existing backend.

Every tier mentioned above provides the user the option to cross-sell products from the eBay store as well as the ProStores site. For example, a customer could find a product on your eBay store and get redirected to your ProStores site to complete the purchase. For the Business Tier and above, you can submit your site to search engines such as Yahoo! Shopping, Shopping.com, Google Merchant, and Shopzilla. You also get tools to help with your search engine optimization.

The shipping process is integrated with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post.

Every tier provides templates for creating an attractive store and a large selection of third-party tools such as Flash, Quickbooks, Dreamweaver, Design Studio, mp3 integration, and so on. This is for designing and maintenance of your ProStores business.

ProStores therefore offers a lot to both the newbie merchant and the power-seller. You only need to decide whether or not you would be using the tools provided. If you think you can, you should easily make the most of the value of a ProStores business.

Several online merchants have benefitted using a ProStores location for their business. Would you like to get one for your business? Give us a call: +1-888-828-9864 or Contact Us.

The Value in Building an Amazon Associate Store

A newbie webpreneur might find it daunting to tell the difference between affiliate marketing and article marketing. I was myself quite unsure of what Amazon Associate marketing meant until recently. Visiting Amazon.com and other relevant websites helped clear up the concept.

The Amazon Associate program is notorious for the tiny commissions it pays for affiliate marketing benefits. However, it does deserve a second look. And for good reason.

It goes like this: you build an Amazon store. There are two kinds of Amazon stores – 1) the community store and 2) the niche store.

If your business or other website boasts a community of like-minded individual who share a particular interest – say the harmonica (a popular folk instrument) or growing bonsais or urban farming or whatever else – you can connect it to an Amazon store all your own.

Amazon Associate Store
Amazon Associate Store

Get it properly optimized for the web, and you get more traffic and exposure to the community website you own. In addition, you can create a business out of selling products that your community would most certainly be interested in.

In case you do not have a website with a following, you can opt for an Amazon store that answers demand for a micro niche product. Building fully functional models of RC airplanes or cacti culture are examples of micro niche hobbies. You could sell relevant products on Amazon.

If you can create an Amazon store to organize all such relevant products on Amazon and list them in categories that are familiar to the community, you could have a great business prospect on your hands. Then on, you can get your niche store on Amazon optimized for the web by a professional SEO service provider and expect significant traffic and popularity for your store.

Building such a community or niche store on Amazon of course provides Amazon a significant amount of data, information, and wider acceptance. What the Amazon platform does for you, your community, and your business is that it provides unprecedented exposure on a global scale. You can easily envision the direction that Amazon is trying to take.

If it is beneficial to your uniquely positioned business, why not make most of an Amazon store?

As for the kind of niche content development, optimization, and other web store development services that will be required for such an extremely useful pursuit, mavens such as Ydeveloper could easily provide well-rounded support at minimum cost.

You will already be doing exactly what you are interested in, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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Promoting Your Yahoo Store

The promotion of a Yahoo store, where you sell your product, is an aspect of your online business that you couldn’t afford to neglect. Chances are, there are millions of Yahoo stores already operational, even with the same vertical or niche as yours. You’d do well to make the fullest use of all the promotional tools that the Yahoo platform provides.

Yahoo store promotional tools are built into the store platform itself and are meant to drive quality traffic to your store. The Yahoo store promotional tools are as follows:

  • Yahoo! Shopping: All Yahoo Store owners are entitled to participate in Yahoo Shopping, a highly popular shopping destination on the Internet.
  • Link Tracker: The built-in Link Tracker helps generate sales by offering a cut to other sites that send you traffic.
  • Mailing List Manager: Using the Mailing List Manager, you can set up several independent mailing lists to send promotional emails to your customers and create subscription newsletters.
  • Meta Tags: Every page on your Yahoo Store gets a meta tag option. You need to simply enter the keywords that you want to be associated with that particular page. This feature is found under ‘Variables’ in the Store Editor.
  • Coupon Manager: In order to attract first-time buyers or to reward loyal shoppers, you should create coupons. Coupons can be exchanged at your store for one or the other form of a dollar amount, or percentage off, or free shipping. There’s plenty to achieve using such coupons.
Promoting Your Yahoo Store
Promoting Your Yahoo Store

In addition to these yahoo store marketing tools, using great content on your webstore, crisp and concise product descriptions, quality promotional copy, attractive design, and smooth navigation at your Yahoo webstore are some other things that require considerable attention. Without any one of these, you are already weakening your online storefront.

Fortunately, some Yahoo store developers will provide all these and more to ensure that your Yahoo store gets the maximum and the best publicity online. Having your webstore appear on the first page of Google searches for a good number of keywords would be an achievement by itself.

Pay good attention to the promotion of your Yahoo store and reap the full benefit of the powerful Yahoo Store platform.

Good luck!

eBay and Amazon – A Comparison of the Titans

Both eBay and Amazon have their own bugs to fix while both present an ideal online platform to sell your products from. Amazon has too many rules for the seller to follow while eBay has buyers looking for a bargain. Amazon is totally pro-buyer whereas eBay is not totally business friendly.

Yet, the fact remains, these are two of the most beloved online marketplaces that shoppers love to visit and buy from. Certain products will sell better on Amazon whereas certain others will do best on eBay. Both have a huge user base. Should you expand with a store on both these platforms? Perhaps the following points of comparison will help you decide:

eBay and Amazon – A Comparison of the Titans
eBay and Amazon – A Comparison of the Titans

Criteria for Comparison eBay Store Amazon WebStore
1. Fees You pay for every item listed, whether it sells or not. No fees for listing and collection of payment on your behalf, but PayPal fees are substantial.
2. Format (Auction vs. Fixed price) Auction format listings in addition to fixed-price listings Only fixed-price listings
3. Community Sellers are very involved with buyers. Transactions are often very interactive. Little or no interaction, but transactions take less time.
4. Stability Changes are introduced as required and sometimes rolled back. Few changes are introduced.
5. Feedback Customer feedback affects ‘ranking’ on eBay search results. Amazon does not rank searches on the basis of feedback, but feedback is available to the buyer.
6. Branding eBay is only the marketplace that allows you to brand your store and create a unique presence Amazon is the marketplace and the second-party (the buyer is the first party). Customers could think they were buying from Amazon.
7. Photos eBay sellers have a bit of a struggle with the quality of the photo, getting it on eBay, and such things. On Amazon, you can sell 20 products without taking a single photo. One photo for a given commodity is all that’s used on Amazon.
8. Taxes eBay provides a form that allows sellers to collect taxes from the buyer so that taxes do not affect profit margins. Amazon needs to follow suit. But you can inform Amazon if you belong to a state that exempts taxes and receive a refund.
9. Average Sale Price eBay buyers look for bargains and are willing to wait for a good one to come along. Amazon buyers are willing to spend on similar items and pay more in the process.
10. Payment Methods PayPal, money orders, cashier’s checks, or cash (in person) Amazon Payments
11. Return Policy Seller can use a dispute resolution but PayPal/eBay is a messier route that exposes seller to negative feedback Obligatory return policy,
called the A-Z Guarantee, buyer receives full refund if product/s are ‘materially different’ than how they are described
12. Shipping Rates disproportionate to the price of the product Standard shipping rates