6 Benefits of Getting a Yahoo Store for Your Online Business

A Yahoo Store is both a great option for those who want to start out with a new online store as well as those that already have an online store but need a better platform for conducting online business. You can opt for a standalone Yahoo Store or add one onto your existing ecommerce store. Yahoo Merchant solutions render the entire process of e-tailing far easier and simpler than it ever was. This post points out 6 benefits in particular of getting a Yahoo store for your online business:Yahoo Small Business

  • Design: You can get a custom-designed store for your business. Your idea of your store’s design can be exactly as you want it, being limited by your imagination and your developer’s capability to realize it. Yahoo will also allow you to use any third-party tools that might be required.
  • Product Catalogs: Yahoo store offers online product catalogs that are highly flexible. It allows you to add products, upload current products, and make whatever other changes you might want to make to your online catalog.
  • Product Promotions: Using the promotion features on your Yahoo store, you can offer discounts when you want to as well as coupons and gift certificates. Yahoo Stores also has a search feature that lets your customers search for the product they are looking for.
Benefits of Getting a Yahoo Store
Yahoo! Store Benefits
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout: Another benefit of opting for a Yahoo store is that you will have a shopping cart and checkout pages to use for your online business. In the hands of a good developer, you can also have it customized to suit the particular requirements of your own business. Customers can save their shopping cart for later use, and you can configure it to automatically add taxes and other options. Yahoo also supports products that need to be downloaded.
  • Payment Processing: All your payments are securely processed with Yahoo ecommerce solutions. You can accept both debit and credit cards, without any additional payment for these services. You can even validate and verify the credit cards that are used to shop at your store.
  • Order Processing: Yahoo makes order processing extremely user friendly. You can print out your invoices and labels for the shipping of purchased goods and send out automated emails to provide your customers the status of their orders with automatic updates. In addition, your customers will see only your current inventory, which ensures that you always have the products available.

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