The Importance of Netiquettes in Online Business

While looking up something for my daughter on the Internet the other day, I discovered a site with a page or two on netiquettes or Internet etiquettes. That set the ticking in motion and in less than a minute after seeing those pages, I was asking myself: Just how important are online etiquettes in your business communications?

That question, in turn, led to several other questions as well, such as: What are the dos and donts in business communications? How does one ensure that the best practices are incorporated in all your communications? What criteria determine the netiquettes every business must follow? What follows are my thoughts on these issues.

It just happens that I have seen such a lot of inferior-quality online marketing and other business content, I am pleasantly surprised that there are a few entities with an online presence that are promoting the use of netiquettes. It’s almost touching!


I have seen, for instance, content that genuinely means well. It informative and to the point. It even sincerely attempts to be polite. However, the manner in which it is written, with an utter disregard for linguistic finesse of any standard whatsoever, makes it read really offensive.

That’s another angle to the whole concept of online etiquettes. I brought it up because much of all that content online suffers from this malady.

How many times have you seen the phrase ‘Content is King’ on websites? A million times, probably, I should think. Especially if you have been reading up on content related to search engine optimization or business websites.

Actually, that’s offensive in itself, for why should I be seeing those words repeated on a million different websites? Why not some other words to say the same thing? Why not a better or a different take on the same concept? What about the reason why content is king?

That example serves so well to illustrate just how the lack of sensibility and sensitivity in using words online can actually have a negative impact on your online presence. The moment I read such a sentence online, I want to move on because I have already been there and read that. Which brings us to the point that innovation is a major part of web content.

Yes, content does indeed have blue blood in its veins. And the king should have royal robes – excellent netiquettes. One needs to respect that before one starts to write for a website or other business communication.

I have stumbled upon a huge topic that deserves full attention. I do not imagine it possible to do any justice to it over the scope of a single post.

I will of course bring it up here later. The time I have spent on the topic will be justified if I have only managed to underline the importance of netiquettes for the time being.

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