Google Product Search Optimization for Optimizing Online Business

In order to optimize your ecommerce website for Google Product Search, you need to begin by creating a product feed, a file that contains all the product-related content. This file has to be now submitted to Google Base. Thus, you can upload product-related content in bulk.

Google Product Search will only accept physical products. You can also upload intangible products such as hotels, travel packages, and flights, but these items are not displayed as a part of Google Product Search.

Google Product Search
Google Product Search

Ensure that you fill in as many fields as possible in your feed (including brand, category, color, price, condition, and so on). Such additional info will enable Google Product Search to match your products with many more potential customers when they look for the kind of products that you have uploaded. You will also need to keep updating your feed as often as possible because Google Product Search really likes updated product info and may remove info that has not been updated in a while.

Other basic things to do to optimize your feed for Google Product Search are as follows:

  • Let your item titles be accurate and descriptive.
  • Long-tail keywords that have some search volume and potential for conversion are the best. Pick out the particular attributes of your products that consumers might search for, to use as long-tail keywords.
  • Put seller ratings and product ratings from sites such as PriceGrabber and NexTag to good use. These are great for Google rankings.
  • Product ratings are also important. Get your products rated on sites such as
  • It appears that inclusion of product names and brand names in item titles is the best choice. You cannot really invoke non-brand-name searches effectively in Google Product Search.

Beginning July 2008, Google offers performance reporting on the number of your items that received clicks as well as the number of items that were uploaded and are currently active. This report is available for download as a CSV file.

To succeed as a business webstore or website in the web economy, it is essential to be listed on Google Product Search. Follow up on these tips and get going.


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