Ecommerce Conversion Tips for New Online Businesses

Successful ecommerce marketing can lead to a great number of ecommerce conversions. Although demand for a certain category of products can vary with the season, your ecommerce marketing will ultimately decide the average number of ecommerce conversions at your webstore. Here are five tips that will most assuredly boost your ecommerce conversions:

  1. Empathize with your customer. In every design- and development-related decision you make, try to figure out how your customers would want it made. Up-selling and cross-selling features are essential to any webstore that is serious about its ecommerce conversions. Webstores that are oriented around their target audiences’ needs are most likely to do great business. With increasing satisfaction, your customers are likely to frequent your store more often. Without such an orientation, your ecommerce marketing effort will be in vain.
  2. Simplicity is the best policy. Let your content, design, and overall development be geared to creating a site that is highly intuitive and easily navigable. Complications in any of the departments will lead to customers abandoning carts more often and fewer ecommerce conversions. Let the checkout process be as simple as possible. In addition, a phone number that customers can use if they have queries should be prominently displayed on every single page. Likewise, pricing and shipping info should also be very clearly mentioned. These will go a long way in ensuring ecommerce conversions.
  3. Work on the content. The content that your webstore carries should be concise yet informative. It should be appropriately utilized to communicate every special feature, utility value, and benefits offered by each of your products through appropriate ecommerce marketing efforts. Simply using the product photos and images will just NOT do. Ensure that you source such concise content from a professional writer. Also, use any other suitable media such as infographics and video to round off the vibe.
  4. Spread the word on your business. Once your ecommerce webstore goes live, it becomes very important that your ecommerce marketing complements it well. Your website’s admin backend should allow you to collect info on all past and current customers and keep in touch with these through well-timed emails and promotional messages. Your ecommerce conversions will depend greatly on the quality of the ecommerce marketing carried out.  ProStores and custom ecommerce platforms will be excellent from this point of view.
  5. Payment process should be a breeze. Ensure that after products are added to a shopping cart, nothing gets in the way of the customer who has already taken out his credit card. Ecommerce conversions take place the most where this factor is duly considered. Go for an online merchant account or a PayPal account. The payment process is what allows your customers to pay you. Ensure that they can do so as easily and in as few clicks as possible. More ecommerce conversions your business gets, the better it grows.

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