Website Optimization for Your Ecommerce Site

If you own an ecommerce site, chances are you will be consistently hunting for website optimization means and methods to ensure top performance. Improving website performance is of prime importance for the reason that it can be an excellent tool to find quality online visitors every ecommerce business owner wishes. It is probably the best sales-driving machine, apart from your personnel.

Here are some suggestions that will get your ecommerce website optimization off to a flying start:

  1. Ensure that every single page on your site is optimized for the web. What this means is that the content, design, navigation, and code for your pages must confirm to the standards required of a quality website. Ecommerce websites have their own specific website optimization requirements as well.
  2. Keywords are the most important factor in optimizing a website. Keywords determine the spot your business will be allotted on search results pages of the search engines. That’s one important reason why content is king.
  3. Your website optimization efforts need to be two-pronged: optimization for web and optimization for the readers or potential customers. Content can and does address both. Unique, original, interesting, informative, and appealing content can drive sales like no other single factor. Quality content is thus indispensable to website optimization.

    eCommerce Optimization
    eCommerce Optimization
  4. Create a page for each individual product unless your store sells thousands of products. Doing so will enable your content writer to make the most of long-tail keyword phrases. With the stiff competition for keywords, ecommerce optimization stands a better chance with long-tail keyword phrases.
  5. Off-page ecommerce optimization is just as important as on-page optimization. Every effort made to gain quality inbound links will go a long way to building online recognition for your ecommerce site. For the sake of acquiring quality links, you will need top-quality content that is ‘link-worthy’.
  6. Optimizing web content requires a sizable amount of content. Product descriptions that adequately introduce the product to a visitor are critical to your ecommerce site. Cross-reference related items and mention accessories or similar products to create healthy internal linking.
  7. Go social and mobile. An active, interactive, and entertaining experience is more possible with social platforms such as Facebook and StumbleUpon. Twitter is ideal for providing snippets of info about your products to add to their curiosity value. The social platforms make your website optimization well and truly worth its name. Having a mobile-compatible version of your website is quickly becoming an essential and the earlier you start with one, the better benefits it will bring later.

An Ecommerce Developer of the Right Sort

If your site can be developed by an ecommerce service provider who does not leave you to your own devices once the contract is fulfilled, you are one very lucky ecommerce business owner. I am thinking of ecommerce developers such as Ydeveloper, a well-known firm based in the United States.

Just think … what a major boon it can prove to be if you have all the consultation and advice available on demand. Who doesn’t need assistance in their life? Getting it when your ecommerce business website is in trouble is a different story altogether.

Such assistance is also critical when it comes to exploring new opportunities and technology in the world of ecommerce development. Then, you would require an ecommerce developer who is also keenly updating the kind of services provided.

Custom eCommerce Developer
Custom eCommerce Developer

Some ecommerce developers will go out of their way in making every possible effort to accommodate the requirements of your business. Some others make it a business of doing exactly that. The latter category of ecommerce developers are what your business needs, especially if you already have a website or webstore that badly needs a makeover.

These are times when even the best ecommerce businesses fight shy of letting go of every dollar. Hence, an ecommerce developer who does not charge fantastic amounts is a most welcome proposition. But can such an affordable ecommerce developer also deliver quality results? Sounds too good to be true. But it is possible, thanks to the economics of volume.

eCommerce Development
eCommerce Development

Normally, ecommerce developers will have tricks of the trade handy to convince you that their ecommerce solution is the answer to your prayers. Once you have bought it, however, it generally turns out that it does not feature that critical bit of coding or functionality that you thought would accompany the ecommerce solution. There’s an extra charge for that, or it simply isn’t available. Not so with an ecommerce developer who builds custom ecommerce solutions that are meant to address exactly the issues your ecommerce business site faces.

Your choice of an ecommerce developer should be clear now. Just log on to the WWW and find the best ecommerce developer. Try to find an expensive ecommerce solution that promises the world. Or find a cheap service that offers sundry ecommerce solutions.

Alternately, you could just contact to Ydeveloper (dot) com.

Website Redesign: Suggestions on Reinventing Your Online Identity

Your website is your online identity. Hence, it naturally follows that it must convey the most appropriate impression to every visitor. Website redesign is a prime requisite for businesses that desire to maintain just such an image online. Further, with changes in the web development industry, your website must also keep up with the newer trends to avoid being labeled obsolete. Website redesign is the ideal solution to the upkeep and revitalization of your website. Here are a few website design suggestions for keeping your website in top order:

  • Get expert critical analysis for your website. Hear them out and then decide for yourself what needs to be done by way of redesigning the website. You have many online tools to analyze it for the purpose, including usability tests and surveys. Do also consult the experts. Finally, let simplicity be the cornerstone of every change you approve.
  • In redefining your organization’s objectives, ensure that you have included every new aspect since the time the old website was built. The redesigned website should reflect the updated image of your business.
  • Even before you redesign your website, ensure that a full backup has been created of the entire old website, just in case.
  • Content will most certainly have to be rewritten. It will now require provision for Panda-specific and customer- and SEO-friendly website design. Redesigning your website cannot work if you only make cosmetic changes.
  • I’d personally recommend lots of white space and no more than 3 colors or shades on each of your pages. You are an online business, not a kids’ gaming website. The best designers should be able to work wonders for the looks of your pages with less color. Let the website design highlight the content on the pages.
Web Design - Its like Building a house
Web Design - Its like Building a house

Finally, your website should also turn out to be user-friendly (read easily navigable with all the info a customer would require). Simple, relevant, informative, useful, direct … are the words that should describe a redesigned website. No aspect should be overdone. Look up some of the best websites you have seen and learn from those. Website redesign has not succeeded where it does not create an even better impression on visitors.

Leave nothing to chance. If possible, get a good, representative section of your customers to rate the new website before it goes live. The most important website redesign tip is probably the one that was included in the very first bullet: keep it simple.

Here’s wishing you all the best with your website redesign endeavor!

Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses can feel a little overwhelmed by the kind of material available online on internet marketing. No worries, here are ten online marketing tips to get you started:

  1. What business goals do you have in mind? In other words, what exactly do you propose to do to drive more business and profits? A beginning must be made with only the first step and one at a time. Having once zeroed in on the first goal, your next quest should involve figuring out a way to measure that goal. Feedback will go a long way in developing your internet marketing campaigns.
  2. Content is probably the most important aspect of your website. Ask yourself whether it is useful, whether it will help people learn something if they read it. Make it a point to reinvigorate your site with fresh content on a regular basis (every six months?). The content should also address your business goals and online marketing focus effectively.
  3. The description of the web page in the blue strip at the top of your browser window is very important. It should describe the page content and contain location-specific keywords.
  4. Analytics for your website can give you important internet marketing data such as where and how your visitors reached your website, what they do once there, and the amount of time they spend there. Use Google Analytics for the purpose.
  5. Make the most of the free local business directories. Get your business listed in one of the following directories: Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local,, and Yelp. You need not pay for a directory listing, yet it is a great form of internet marketing.
  6. Keep an eye on the competition. Visit their websites. A look at what the others in your vertical are saying or doing will help you keep pace or even stay ahead of the competition if you have enough imagination. It also helps you compare your own company’s online marketing efforts.
  7. As the owner, you might think very highly of your own website. Get the opinion of both the experts and the users, however. It just might throw up valuable business and internet marketing insights for you to work on.
  8. Blogging is a particularly useful way to connect with your customers and the relevant online community. The benefits of blogging are far too many and without any disadvantages. It is also a highly effective internet marketing tool.
  9. Online videos are also an excellent online marketing tool. Good videos that show your company and its business in good light are very important to building an opinion about it among the members of your community. YouTube and Metacafe are only two of the increasing number of options available where you can post just such a video free of cost.
  10. If you still require assistance with your development or blogging or internet marketing, you can very well get in touch with service providers such as For more details on, give us a call: +1-888-828-9864 or Contact Us

All the best!

The Relevance of Social Media to E-commerce

The potential of the social media platforms has captured the imagination of businesses worldwide. Practically every ecommerce business seems to have a presence on at least one or more of the multifarious, multifaceted platforms that make selling and shopping such a unique experience!

The use of social media has doubled since the concepts began gaining popularity way back in 2009. Facebook and Twitter visitors to your pages are 51% and 67% more likely to purchase than otherwise. This is an online revolution of sorts, which has corporate think tanks on their toes.

The promise of social media platforms is quite genuine owing to the fact that these are the collective creations of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is a promise that can infuse fresh dollops of democratic commerce into markets that are riddled with sycophancy and sleaze.

The following are a few reasons why business owners are turning social:

  • Social media offer a cost-effective way to establish genuine relationships with customers.
  • Social media serve as an authentic source of open feedback and competitor intelligence.
  • Fans/followers of social media pages belonging to individual brands are more inclined to buy direct from that company and recommend its products to others.

Here is a cursory look at the ecommerce benefits brought by some of the most popular channels:

Social Media to E-commerce
Social Media to E-commerce
  1. Blog: This is the primary outlet for creating and sharing content. It is ideal for SEO purposes and caters to niche ecommerce audiences worldwide.
  2. Facebook: This powerful platform allows you to take your brand to where your ecommerce customers are. It enables you to share your personality and content, provide an insider’s view of your company, and get fans to exchange notes about your brand and related issues.
  3. Twitter: This is a circumspect way of spreading the word on your brand. It keeps you in touch with your potential clients and others who will promote your brand. This is a place for deploying brief content. It also allows you to stay tuned in to who is saying what about your brand.
  4. LinkedIn: This is a great way to join ecommerce and industry groups and establish a professional reputation. It is a great place to get in touch with the creamy layer of top industry professionals.
  5. YouTube: This is the best place to reach out to consumers who prefer video content to verbal info. Videos can cover product info, comparisons, debates, and practically everything relevant to ecommerce that can be captured on a video camera.

Before you jump onto the social media bandwagon, remember that it is critically important to plan your foray and ensure that the overall message that you send to your ecommerce customers is carefully engineered for the maximum benefit to your organization.

Wish you happy socializing and ecommerce success!