Can You Afford to Neglect Social Media?

A popular online channel recently carried an article about a survey conducted last year on social media marketers. It was about social media marketing.

It said that 75% of small businesses and 48% of large businesses did not have a written social media policy, which meant that social media platforms are used only peremptorily in the marketing strategies of companies.

Brand owners create a corporate blog or Facebook profile and are satisfied that that is enough social media marketing. If you do not have an ongoing conversation with your clientele through the use of social media platforms and if the clientele isn’t listening to what you are trying to say, it can prove to be a major blow to your brand.

Any brand owner who wishes to ensure that his brand keeps growing in the collective mind of his clientele should be much more careful with using social media. Regular updates, even ways to make the whole point of contact with the clientele better, should never be taken casually. If you do, your brand suffers enormously.

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms

With so large a number of companies not having in place any formal policies around social media, it is no surprise that around one-quarter of all businesses do not monitor the social media conversation at all. Nearly one-half of large businesses monitor discussions without responding publicly whereas less than a quarter of all firms attempt to communicate with the writer of a negative comment. What is truly astounding is that it is only 4% of large businesses that actually post a public reply to such negative comments, and let such negative sentiment sit there online and influence public opinion against their company or brand.

Such negligence can be ill afforded by companies that mean business. Social media platforms are not to be taken lightly. They are not a pastime when it comes to your business. They are a business instrument, and a very critical one at that.

Since public opinion matters a great deal to serious business, I think social media should be taken very seriously by business owners as well as all stakeholders. Enhancing, developing, nurturing, and cleaning up your company’s presence in social media is not much different than polishing the weapons you take to war.

No, I don’t think you can any longer afford such sluggishness period.

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