How to Promote a Yahoo Store

After having created a great website, the next challenge is to get traffic to it that also brings sales. If you have a Yahoo store, marketing it will not be too difficult since it comes with a big headstart bundled. It will be automatically included in Yahoo Shopping, an exclusive portal for online shopping websites.

In the future, Yahoo Shopping is set to become a major hub for all online shopping. Traffic will be coming to your store in droves since it is the place buyers prefer to shop online.

Plus, Yahoo Store sites are submitted automatically to all the major search engines (except Yahoo, for which you can submit on your own). Here is a short list of things you can do by the way of Yahoo store optimization:

  • The best idea is using keywords frequently throughout your site in a totally natural way. However, NEVER use software to dynamically generate pages for your store. Such pages are not considered by search engines.
  • Online shopping websites can also profit by acquiring relevant links from relevant sites. To acquire these, you could give those sites a portion of sales generated through customers using their links.
  • You can also purchase banner ads that lead to your site. For example, you can buy banner ads on search engines that carry keywords you have used on your own. Here, the trick is in not overdoing things since most buyers will buy products regardless of which store they use to buy them. If your Yahoo store sells mobile phones, for example, you should buy banners at a site that provides guidelines on buying mobile phones.

All the while, you need to focus on which sources of hits are most likely to convert into sales and then pay attention to those sources. Modern-day tracking tools will help you do exactly that. Yahoo Store marketing and tracking tools are the most useful here. In addition, the Yahoo Shopping experience is a big draw with online shoppers.

Promote your Yahoo store to your existing customers as well. Ensure that you mention your URL in every place on your website, catalog, etc. that is suitable.

Take good care of your Yahoo store!

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