Multi-Store Ecommerce Strategies to Beat the Competition

With the proliferation of ecommerce as one of the most important strategies for business come increased challenges such as increasing sales, personalizing customers’ shopping experience, and strengthening the brand. A multi-store strategy can adequately address this need to strategize, wherein online retailers have several online stores to serve very specific customer groups, separate checkout flows dependent on the multi-store ecommerce taxonomy, and better conversion rates off marketing campaigns. In the final analysis, however, ecommerce success depends on the ecommerce solution’s capabilities to quickly create and easily manage a multi-store business. It is also very important to note how a given solution addresses the specific requirements of your business.

The particular custom ecommerce solution you source should allow you to easily manage multiple ecommerce store, to sell more products via multiple stores, automate their supply chain, and manage other details such as inventory management, orders, and shipping. Let us take a look at the most important aspects of a multi-store ecommerce business:

Multi-Store Ecommerce Strategies
Multi-Store Ecommerce Strategies
  • Centralized Business Management: Your multi-store ecommerce solution should enable you to manage orders from each store, allot inventory space for products, automatically generate purchase orders, and generate tracking numbers, shipping labels, etc.  and provide a real-time shipping interface with all carriers. A common dashboard for your multi-store ecommerce business  should be powerful enough to facilitate management of the custom ecommerce solution.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Business intelligence dashboards and a flexible reporting engine should allow real-time analysis of sales, so you can make calculated decisions you to analyze your sales as they happen, allowing you to make informed decisions as you adjust course.

Other benefits that go a long way towards ensuring an all-round performance — that gives your competition a run for their money — include increased customer capture points, average order value, and conversion rates; reduced shopping cart abandonment; differentiation through a rich user experience; and overall operational efficiency through seamless integrations. Custom ecommerce solutions that are readily available will be able to shape a solution to the exact requirements of your business.

No solution, however, can quite replace the importance of first studying your competitors in depth and on an ongoing basis.

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