Using Social Networks to Promote Your ProStores Business

The importance of customer engagement using online social media platforms is more important than ever before. The reason for that is the global-wide popularity of these social channels. Marketing principles recommend going where the customer goes, and to that end social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are simply the best channels to take your message to the prospective customer. ProStores 10.3 brings new features and enhancements that help merchants stay connected with their customers on social media channels.

In the hands of an appropriate social media optimization service, the inclusion of links to these channels on your ProStores webstore can give rise to a double-edged marketing strategy – on the one hand, you have ProStores itself with its vast reach and globally popular parentage. On the other, you have a social media frontdoor to approach and engage prospective clients in the most unobtrusive ways that actually work.

For businesses interested in receiving great feedback, free-of-cost advertising, and better traffic to their ProStores, there’s the Like widget. Once a customer ‘likes’ your store, she/he is essentially recommending it to his/her friends on Facebook. And because it is a friend who is recommending, your store stands a great chance for increased visits from genuinely interested prospective customers and fans of your products, brands, et al.

Facebook share and Tweet buttons on your ProStores allow customers to help drive quality traffic to your webstore. Clicking the Tweet and Share widgets on your products page posts the product on customers’ Facebook profile and Twitter feed, which their friends or followers can then view.

Development of social media features, especially Facebook and Twitter pages but also any other social networking sites specific to your audiences, using the services of a reputed social media optimization service can provide a great platform for you to post info regarding any sales or product launch announcements, seasonal or special offers, discounts, and so on.

The efficacy of social media lies in the authenticity lent to it by the network of friends and the interaction between them. These social networks can go a long, long way in helping you build loyalty to your products, ongoing engagement with customers, and – almost directly – increased sales.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Employee

An offshore dedicated developer, designer, or other professional (virtual employment) is a great option for companies or individuals in the United States who would like to expand in-house web development/design/other capacity and still avoid the overhead costs involved. Hiring a regular employee can cost an arm and a leg, too. Plus, there are also the infrastructure and other overheads to consider.

A virtual employee who is based at an offshore location can prove to be a great option for startups, established long-term product companies, and companies that require regular maintenance of a project or products. Virtual employee jobs are a great middle option.

A virtual assistant is pretty useful for project managers as well as consultants who badly need an alternative to higher costs but cannot compromise on the quality of services that only genuinely qualified web developers, programmers, designers, technical writers, and other virtual employees can make available. Managers in the United States can also not afford any operational glitches and yet require guaranteed results.

Virtual Employee Benefits:

  • Availability of genuine IT personnel
  • Up to 70% in cost savings
  • Custom development
  • Full managerial access
  • Daily reporting and status tracking
  • Complete data security
  • Real-time conferencing
  • Code ownership and IP
  • Development monitoring
  • Exclusively dedicated personnel
  • Monthly payment cycle
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Resource
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Resource

Organizations that allow you to hire a  resource will also readily demonstrate exactly how a particular need can be answered by hiring a virtual resource. Take a good look at that demonstration and solicit every bit of information on the organization that is available. Ensure that your assessment of the kind of quality of work that the employee can possibly deliver is satisfactory. Any specific additional requirements can also be discussed.

Hiring a virtual employee is a great option, yes, but you cannot rush the process. Take your time, complete the necessary dialogue and any other processes you think appropriate and then make a decision.

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Get Yourself an Amazon for Free!

Because Amazon Webstore offers you all the features and performance at low cost and low risk, it is already a great offer. Amazon WebStore’s low prices can easily scale with your business, carry zero startup costs, and require no ongoing maintenance fees. Moreover, you can also lower your Amazon Webstore fees by choosing bundle options for greater value and ability to drive your ecommerce business. Also, no need to commit to a minimum term, with the facility to cancel anytime.

Amazon WebStore Design
Amazon WebStore Design

Prime members can be attracted to your webstore by enabling Amazon’s Prime on Your Site for Webstore (free two-day shipping for items fulfilled through Fulfillment by Amazon). This program helps increase conversion on your site and build brand loyalty with Amazon Prime members. Program highlights are as follows:

  • No webstore fee
  • Professional Merchant fee $39.99
  • Free trial period = 3 months
  • Fee for Items sold on your webstore = 0.7% + payment processing and fraud protection
  • Fee for Items sold on = 6% and onwards

Additional Amazon Store Services under this package:

  • Sell on Amazon Marketplace
  • Website link from Amazon Storefront’s at a glance page
  • Add new products to amazon catalog
  • Promotion, gift services, and other special listing features
  • Featured seller status
  • Get Prime on your site
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Sellers who choose Amazon Checkout can use the comprehensive guarantee available, which in turn lets your customers checkout using their account credentials on seller webstores. The program, however, does not apply to books, CD and vinyl, and video and DVD products…most useful to build and grow with webstore, increase average order value, increase site traffic, and sell more at Amazon Storefront.

Ydeveloper can help you maintain several stores on different domains at a single, economical fee. You can also earn Amazon associate program referral fees by listing Amazon items at your webstore. Integrated email campaign management software to market your products. Automatic optimization and submission to search engines are a couple of other endearing facets of this beauty!

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Essential Features of an Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Many developers today offer inventory and order management software for both specific and generic purposes. These software are generally robust applications that can handle any number of products available at a webstore or website. Some even automate complex procedures such as order management and shipping management. An inventory management software comprises several constituents that together build and maintain a product inventory for many online businesses. Some of the essential ones are as follows:Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

  • Asset tracking/shipping management: A stored product can be tracked using its bar code and/or other means of tracking, such as RFID.
  • Order management: When the stock of a product is low, the inventory feature can alert managers regarding the stock that needs to be replenished. This helps the business avoid running out of products or engaging excessive capital in stocked products.
  • Service management: Companies that provide services rather than products can use inventory management features to track the cost of the materials they use to provide services, such as stationery or digital equipment. The companies can thereby arrive at a reasonable price to attach to their services.
  • Barcoding: Barcodes enable input of data on products and orders into the inventory management software. A barcode reader can read barcodes and look up the info on the respective products.

Over and above these essential features, many other features make inventory management systems indispensable to online businesses. For instance, with some software, you can enter different amounts of weight for each product option and still quote accurate shipping rates. Shipping management features intimate the business owner regarding the current status of the shipment.

In addition to such great features, some inventory management software can also be integrated into your accounting system for much higher levels of automation and savings of time and money. It can be a highly effective instrument for controlling multiple online locations, robust inventory and order management, automated shipping management, and so on.

Before you actually invest in some such software, also ask for inventory and order management software that can be custom-built to fulfill your specific business requirements. Get one that best addresses those requirements.

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eCommerce Development Solutions that Work

Much as you might wish for one, quality ecommerce developers are either too rare to come across or too expensive for new businesses to consider investment. That perfect combination of quality web development and reasonable pricing is indeed very hard to find. The impending financial crisis makes it even worse a struggle between compromising on quality and paying top dollar for the web solution your ecommerce business so badly needs.

e-Smart eCommerce Suite
e-Smart eCommerce Suite

With the spate of development in technological as well as logistical terms, E-commerce has matured and evolved perfectly to accommodate the business interests of both the smallest firm and the largest mega corporation. A well-constructed online presence is now easily effected, thanks to e-commerce solutions and services. Ydeveloper is a services provider that offers premium eCommerce solutions including the latest shopping cart solutions, ecommerce development solutions, and ecommerce web solutions. Using the most appropriate technology yet retaining a high degree of flexibility, Ydeveloper provides ecommerce development services tailored to each individual client’s business. It is, in fact, a one-stop ecommerce solutions and services provider; so that no matter what particular requirements need to be addressed, Ydeveloper is up to the task.

Ydeveloper is a specialist e-commerce website developer that provides top-notch services for website design, content management systems, custom ecommerce systems, ecommerce hosting, order management systems, search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and Google Website Optimizer.

The idea at Ydeveloper is to take the drudgery out of ecommerce development so that the client can concentrate on the business itself. Ydeveloper has successfully carved out a niche offering by focusing on custom e-commerce systems that are built to address specific business requirements and help streamline ebusiness processes for online business success.

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