Ydeveloper : Coming True on the Promise of Ecommerce Success

Ydeveloper introduced an all-new website on 4th July, 2010, with several new offers and renewed offerings that had already been in place before. This year, to again commemorate the US Independence Day the new website completes a year of skyrocketing growth and great strides in the area of custom- and platform-based ecommerce software and solution development. This year saw remarkable progress on all fronts and generally proved to be a major boost to the commitment to providing top-notch services and client satisfaction, the hallmarks of Ydeveloper’s long strides in IT development. Ydeveloper has proven yet again how critically valuable are its services to its clients. In so doing, the ecommerce solutions developer has also reiterated its superiority as a complete, one-stop solutions provider for any requirements and exigencies that today’s ecommerce store owners cannot do without.

The e-Smart eCommerce package, which includes development on platforms such as ASP.net, PHP, Java, and Flash, is the biggest draw. It is a package most useful to anyone with a requirement for a complete ecommerce solution.

This year, on the occasion of the completion of a full year of hectic business activity, the company offers a flat 10% discount on any new inquiries on its robust solutions and services. This is yet another feather in Ydeveloper’s cap as it promises to bring the same bountiful business for Ydeveloper as the new website did during the past year.

As it turns out, Ydeveloper has greatly improved on all its offerings besides introducing new ones. All offerings will carry fully customizable solutions that address very specific requirements of the client. The website itself carries the toll free number as well as the inquiry form to use in case you have any questions pertaining to your specific requirements.

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