Top 5 Reasons to Opt for e-Smart Ecommerce Suite

e-Smart eCommerce Suite is a consolidated package of custom ecommerce development services that are well received in the United States and in other parts of the world. These are services that seek to resolve all and any difficulties faced by webstore owners as regards the software they use to run, manage, and maintain their webstore. e-Smart eCommerce Suite can also provide a solution that is built from scratch for new webstores. This package is a special, client-oriented offering from Ydeveloper, a premier service provider that specializes in ecommerce features for businesses of every size and type. This package also provides complete ecommerce solutions such as shopping cart solutions and multi store management. But what precise value is to be gained from engaging Ydeveloper for its e-Smart eCommerce Services? Here are the top 5 reasons why sourcing the e-Smart eCommerce package from Ydeveloper makes sound ecommerce sense:

  1. Ydeveloper offers fully custom-built ecommerce features, meaning that there is no scope for any issues with the ecommerce solution or services afterwards. This is an excellent ecommerce services provider that astutely honors every major or minor requirement in developing ecommerce features for the client.
  2. Ydeveloper possesses over a decade’s experience at providing ecommerce services and has culled e-Smart eCommerce Suite, a complete ecommerce solution, from its years of experience and the all-round expertise of its highly proficient developers. This experience involves projects delivered within the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe.
  3. Ydeveloper’s offering consists of the very latest and the best among ecommerce features. You can trust them to provide only the most relevant and the most instrumental ecommerce packages, thereby guaranteeing online success for your business.
  4. Ydeveloper offers top-notch support for all its clients even after a solution or service has been successfully delivered. On request, they will also offer services such as content writing and search engine optimization/marketing on a sustained basis.
  5. e-Smart eCommerce and other solutions available with Ydeveloper are very reasonably priced. The prices and the offerings are, in fact, inversely proportional to each other. Thus, clients stand to benefit from high-end ecommerce features such as multi store management, shopping cart solutions, and other custom ecommerce services for the most competitive prices in the market.

You can expect prompt response and reliable services from Ydeveloper. This is a provider that believes in a no-holds-barred approach to delivering client satisfaction. 

Principles of Ecommerce Website Design

Understanding the clientele is never more important than in the case of an ecommerce website. Who are your customers? How do they look for products while shopping online? What features or functionality would THEY want on your website? These are the questions that need careful consideration. A rule of the thumb: Make your site as customer oriented as possible.

Pay attention to how many and what queries are received for what products. Try and include those products that receive a maximum number of products, but do not neglect the fewer queries for a given product that ranks second, third, or even fourth on the list of products customers ask for. At least, keep an eye on those. Ecommerce web design requires special attention in the following key aspects:

  • Finding the products visitors are looking for should be quick and easy, with a minimum number of clicks on links or images that are quite prominent. Various navigation options such as a search box, in addition to the menu on the left-hand side and linked images, product names, etc. on the home page will ensure that a visitor is able to navigate in the manner he/she is accustomed to or prefers.
  • For that to happen, identify core products, optimize your site for keywords related to those products, and feature them on the home page. Keyword research should ensure that the focus is on the exact terms that are actually used by online shoppers.
  • Selling the product requires to-the-point, short, informative descriptions that communicate everything about a product and good, clear images – thumbnail and enlarged. Crisp content is critical. So is uncluttered, elegant, highly intuitive, and clear ecommerce website design.
  • Give your visitors good reasons to buy from you and not the competition. E.g.: same-day or next-day delivery, discounts, bundled products, products exclusively available at your webstore, etc.
  • The checkout process should be as simple as possible. A shopping cart that is easy to use will go far in bringing repeat custom. Provide easy payment options.

In addition,

  • Use social media websites to reach out to potential customers.
  • Ensure that your offering has that special edge that other vendors do not.

Over and above these, ensure that there is no overkill in any of the aspects described above. Of course, these are only meant as guiding principles, and plenty of work will be required on details such as coding, programming, eCommerce website design, content writing, inventory management, and so on. In the final analysis, what counts is that sweet balance that allows your customers and your staff to use the eCommerce website interface provides for generating profitable business.

Yahoo: An Online Store of Your Dreams

Your very first Yahoo! Store can be an exciting prospect!

Yahoo: An Online Store of Your DreamsYahoo! provides some dynamic online store solutions. In addition to being a highly reliable platform for webstore development, Yahoo! is also a good platform to reach out to clients worldwide.

In the hands of expert Yahoo! Store developers and RTML experts, your online store can be a work of art crafted specifically to suit the specific requirements of your business. Some of the highlights of a well-developed Yahoo store are easy-to-use design tools and hosting that is highly reliable. It is also a comprehensive platform in that it fulfills all the needs most webstore owner is likely to encounter.

Based on Perl, PHP, and MySQL programming, the platform lends itself easily to building custom pages. This is a feature that a really efficient developer would be able to bank on and exploit to the advantage of your business. Its product catalog allows you to effortlessly add products and manage them online. Developers find that the maintenance of existing database and the support for uploading spreadsheets or XML files combing to create a great feature. It also features checkout and shopping cart features that are among the very best in the industry. Yahoo stores can accept credit or debit cards as well as PayPal without any additional fees for using their payment gateway.

It boasts SSL protection with 128-bit encryption to ensure risk-free transactions. As soon as it is developed and ready to be deployed, your online store goes live in 24 hours. It even offers additional features such as color-coded labels for inventory management, sends automated email to a customer to confirm orders, provides email alerts to the online store owner, prints invoices and shipping labels, and does much more.

If you are thinking of a new store on the Yahoo! store platform, you are already on the right track! If you have an ecommerce website, you can even convert it into a Yahoo! store.

Go on right ahead with a developer of your choice.

Ydeveloper : Coming True on the Promise of Ecommerce Success

Ydeveloper introduced an all-new website on 4th July, 2010, with several new offers and renewed offerings that had already been in place before. This year, to again commemorate the US Independence Day the new website completes a year of skyrocketing growth and great strides in the area of custom- and platform-based ecommerce software and solution development. This year saw remarkable progress on all fronts and generally proved to be a major boost to the commitment to providing top-notch services and client satisfaction, the hallmarks of Ydeveloper’s long strides in IT development. Ydeveloper has proven yet again how critically valuable are its services to its clients. In so doing, the ecommerce solutions developer has also reiterated its superiority as a complete, one-stop solutions provider for any requirements and exigencies that today’s ecommerce store owners cannot do without.

The e-Smart eCommerce package, which includes development on platforms such as, PHP, Java, and Flash, is the biggest draw. It is a package most useful to anyone with a requirement for a complete ecommerce solution.

This year, on the occasion of the completion of a full year of hectic business activity, the company offers a flat 10% discount on any new inquiries on its robust solutions and services. This is yet another feather in Ydeveloper’s cap as it promises to bring the same bountiful business for Ydeveloper as the new website did during the past year.

As it turns out, Ydeveloper has greatly improved on all its offerings besides introducing new ones. All offerings will carry fully customizable solutions that address very specific requirements of the client. The website itself carries the toll free number as well as the inquiry form to use in case you have any questions pertaining to your specific requirements.