A Page Rank Improvement in June-2011 to Cheer You Up!!

On 27th June, 2011, Google announced a page rank update. Previously, the Panda alias Farmer algorithmic change sent waves of shock around the world as website owners saw their real ranking plummet drastically. In between these two separate events, there was a lot of speculation regarding the reasons why Google chose to dish out such treatment to websites all over the world. It was quite a rampage, in technical terms, this PR update. Apparently, poor content and poor websites that did little or nothing to improve user experience were penalized. A great upshot was that it became very clear that websites would need to incorporate far better content than what had previously been stacked. I call it a great upshot because as an netizens, I want a reasonably good user experience. I have to shell out for the computer and monthly Internet bills, every month end, you know.

And Google reminds me of a teacher I had at school. She’d scold severely one day and a couple of days on and like she’s the sweetest angel around. Wonder what’s going on.

And I think this is a toolbar PR update…not the real thing…is it? Or I dunno…perhaps. The algo was quite severe, you know. To wake up one day and realize that none of your pages carry the ranks they did only yesterday… and all. Take Ydeveloper. They are really well off because they gave us content that was pretty useful…and genuinely so, too.

Now I wouldn’t worry too much about the page rank update, would I? If I had already been taking care of my content and the value I delivered to my clients, I wouldn’t be affected in the first place…so I wouldn’t care. Those that didn’t would definitely care. And so they should.

Web Store Design: Essential Tips

Over a period, the concept of the ideal design for your web store will undergo a change that is significant enough to take seriously. Your web store design will need to adapt to changing standards in the long run. Trends that is likely to be more permanent that others will need to be examined closely by your designer. Navigation features that strike you as immediately useful will have to be very seriously considered. What is immediately important, however, is to focus on aspects such as the basics of web design.

Web Development

A web store design comprises the colors used, the presentation / placement aspect of the content, and the overall message that your webstore communicates to visitors in the first few seconds of their first visit.

Colors: What colors will you use? If you ask me, I’d go for those cool colors — light greens, light creams, light any color, plenty of white (I love white interspersed with the light greens), maybe slate, and the like. Garish and loud colors will definitely spoil the appeal of your web store. White space between the paragraphs renders the text easy to read. So no stinginess on that front. You do not want your online shopping store to look cluttered. Come to think of it, your how to build a website philosophy should adhere to everything you would look for in a website or web store design.

Navigation: Content sliders are a great tool to impress a visitor. Obviously, the content that it slides must also be high quality and well designed. Provide multiple navigation options, so that customers are able to easily find their way to a product. Ensure that those options are obvious too, by using indicative text, breadcrumbs, and other pointers.

Feel: Your webstore should also feel good, overall. The better its design, the better will be customers’ response and the difference to your bottom line. Use a standardized set of colors, features, and then some more to distinguish your webstore from other online ecommerce stores.

Too many ads, popups, too small or inadequate pictures of products, and so on are definitely major no-nos for any webstore or website and this has been so often reiterated across blogs and articles about how to build a website, yet there does not seem to be much compliance, for whatever reason. If Pandas and Farmers are required to enforce quality ecommerce online stores, so be it.And if you feel you cannot allow that to affect your ecommerce store, think quality and appeal.

Inventory Management: A Common Solution to Uncommon Difficulties

Enterprises as well as small companies use inventory management. Both follow the same business processes as large firms and compete at the same levels, sometimes. Small organizations need some of the same capabilities as the larger ones, but at a significantly lower cost. Companies in the United States often have offshore operations, which facilitates delivery of such low cost software for managing the inventory and orders.

These companies do a good job of addressing requirements. A few of them even offer custom solutions to address specific requirements. This ecommerce advantage has been noted. Competition ensures that the market for such custom inventory management solutions is always agog at the idea of a solution specifically built for individual businesses.

Inventory management software can be much more than simply a warehouse management program. Functionalities include invoicing, sales, report writing, job tracking, purchase orders, accounts payable/receivable, supply chain management, scheduling, and other ERP/MRP software applications. An inventory management system provides functionalities that track inventory levels, suppliers, product locations, orders, and more. It is possible to integrate inventory software applications with bar code reading systems for enhanced efficiency at tracking goods and radio frequency identification for high-tech tracking and other applications.

Benefits of Inventory Software

Faster time to market and order fulfillment, more satisfied customers, reduced inventory carrying costs, more efficient warehouse operations, reduced production downtime, automatic ordering from suppliers when pre-set inventory level is reached, single-panel inventory management and shipping management capabilities, and return merchandise authorization are some of the benefits of a well-built inventory management software.

Inventory Software Innovations

RFID technology will have a huge impact on inventory management systems, due to the large amount of data it can generate about the location of pallets, cases, cartons, and individual products in the supply chain. RFID will allow for a high level of logistics automation and highly increased operational accuracy. This will allow manufacturers to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and minimize errors caused by the human factor.

A Web Designer with a Difference

What webstore owner would not want to avail of an ecommerce Web designer for the webstore? With a user-friendly, attractive design, you can attract your targeted visitors easily and watch your sales skyrocket. Ydeveloper is a professional IT company that deals in multiple areas in the IT sector and provides a Web designer who can suitably address your ecommerce development requirements. It has vast experience of over a decade at providing ecommerce solutions to clients across the United States. Few developers can quite match the experience benefit and quality that this provider offers.

When you hire a Web designer from this award-winning company, you are assured of the very best design for your store. The company offers the services of an affordable web designer, a knowledgeable professional fully capable of providing the perfect solution for your specific need. This ecommerce Web designer renders services such as logo design, template design, custom web page design, ecommerce web design and development, Yahoo! store design and development, dynamic/Flash website design and development, and banners and fliers design. What’s more, all the required expertise is deftly woven together by the Web designer to deliver a seamless webstore that does full justice to your business.

Hiring a website designer brings several useful benefits that include excellent website designing using Photoshop and other tools, creative and elegant designing skills, complementary use of CSS, solid HTML foundation, expert use of Flash technology, and website designing and development in .Net programming, PHP, and so on. Again, each technology is used with a fair amount of judgment as to the best tool to address your specific needs.

The Magento Magic

Magento was introduced in 2008 and, almost immediately, it attained the status of an instant hit as online software. Magento ecommerce is the way to go since it is state-of-the-art ecommerce software, designed especially for customization and management of online stores. Due to its stupendous flexibility, Magento development has reached the zenith of the world of web development. It entails innumerable and powerful plug-in extensions that successfully address the development needs of webstores. Magento extensions do not merely upgrade online store management in a highly systematic manner, with its unprecedented functionalities; it develops online stores that are built to withstand the severe competition that prevails in the webstore business segment today. A Magento site, simply put, is hard to beat.
hire a magento developer

A developer as accurate and up-to-date as Ydeveloper.com could not possibly have missed the opportunity involved in using Magento to develop clients’ websites. As a result, this developer is not only highly proficient at Magento site development, it is also a highly regarded provider of Magento commerce solutions for webstores. It is also a company that is a specialist web store developer and it is therefore a preferred choice for hundreds of clients across the USA, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere in the world. If a particular, client already has a webstore but one that requires major or subtle changes to increase traffic, make it more attractive or navigable, and so on, this developer can deliver the works. Let me hasten to add that it is not as if, for all that, it also costs a great deal. For this, the Ydeveloper provides top-notch Magento site development solutions at very reasonable prices.

Magento development and this developer — both highly recommended.