Ecommerce and Internet Marketing: Coming the Full Circle

Electronic commerce is the modern activity of buying and selling of goods and services through electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The Internet has played a pivotal role in bringing to our computer screens and doorsteps a far wider range of products that those that could be purchased at the local brick-and-mortar store. This latest development in the way people engage in commerce has revolutionized a highly significant aspect of our lives, and culture, as it were — economic exchange.

Whether the buyers and sellers involved are businesses or individuals, ecommerce and the Internet have collaborated to bring the entire market into homes and offices. It also enables the exchange of data to address the financial aspects of business.

High levels of automation and a vast array of features and functionalities that are now available have ensured that your shopping experience is far more enhanced than even the real thing. The sheer variety of products that you can browse online beats the range available in any business district of any city in the entire world.

Internet marketing in the real world may or may not bother about whether or not you have at your disposal enough options to make a purchase. With ecommerce, you can now choose the exact dimensions of the product you wish to purchase using features such as the product configurator and the product catalog.

eCommerce - Internet Marketing
eCommerce - Internet Marketing

Such a major change in such an important aspect of human living is bound to bring with it some more changes in the bigger picture, the power balance between the two major sections of the society — the haves and the have nots. Believe it or not, there are bound to be escalated consequences.

For it is not only a matter of at-home comfort while shopping. It is also a matter where resources are changing hands at a far faster rate than was ever thought probable. The fast pace of life has certainly a lion’s share of responsibility for this inconspicuous and apparently innocuous revolution.

For now, we can only wait and see where this leads us, although the direction in which things are progressing is pretty evident to the scrupulous and thinking consumer. Until such time as the fog clears, enjoy the surplus time and savings that ecommerce brings with it!

Make the most of the added comfort of shopping at home, but use the time to warn future generations to keep a hawk’s eye on the proceedings.

Multi-Store Ecommerce Solution – Ensure Growth for Your Online Business

Multi-store ecommerce solution provided by helps to manage multiple ecommerce stores from a single backend. With this solution, you can add or remove ecommerce store any time, and there is no limitation on the number of stores. Which means you can add an unlimited number of online stores using our multi-store ecommerce solution.

We are able to build a custom ecommerce store in two different modes, depending on your requirements — a normal ecommerce store and a high-end multi-store ecommerce solution. The image shown here compares the two distinct modes store development at Ydeveloper.

Single Store vs Multi-store eCommerce
Single Store vs Multi-store eCommerce

The platform we use for ecommerce development is a 100% SEO-friendly ecommerce platform, which helps increase your ranking on different search engines. In  today’s competitive ecommerce, better search engine rankings are essential to ensuring business growth and to stay ahead of the competition. Our multi-store ecommerce solutions do not merely help manage all ecommerce transactions between the multiple ecommerce stores but also secure high growth for your business.

How does our multi-store ecommerce solution help increase your revenue?

  1. Start multiple stores to increase your reach.
  2. Increase your site’s ranking on different search engines.
  3. Avail of options to setup ecommerce at regular intervals.
  4. Manage all the ecommerce from a single backend at the click of a mouse.
  5. Control all your business activities with precision.
  6. Avail of business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) support.
  7. Use a modular ecommerce maintenance system — the stuff of your dreams.
  8. Increase global presence using multi-lingual and multi-currency support.
  9. Compete with your competitors from multiple ecommerce platforms and  stay ahead of all competition.
  10. Use different product names, descriptions, prices, and images for the same product on multiple ecommerce stores.
  11. Process orders and manage shipping between several ecommerce stores from one platform and from anywhere.
  12. Consolidate the products inventories on all your online stores.
eCommerce Features
eCommerce Features

Ydeveloper’s single- and multi-store ecommerce platform are famed for their flexibility, ease of maintenance, and affordability. Notwithstanding the size of your business, the solution can be integrated onto your online presence with the utmost ease and without disturbing the day-to-day activities. What’s more, we do not simply develop a solution and hand it over. We will also continue providing support and additional development as required. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that you, our client, face no development issues having once signed us on!

We develop custom ecommerce solutions using web development technologies such as, PHP, and Java. Ecommerce development, the nature of your business, and other factors decide the particular platform to be used for your specific purposes. We have already developed 100+ online custom ecommerce stores for businesses with varying natures of business. Experience at such development that spans over a decade goes into every project we fulfill.

Apart from ecommerce development, we provide quality services for ecommerce such as Internet marketing, logo designing, festival-specific theme designing, and more. Since our system is custom made, we can incorporate whatever features and functionalities that you, the store owner, require. All you need to do is tell us what you require.

Whether you are an online store owner or thinking to start an online business, make sure to contact to secure prolific business growth aided by a powerful multi-store ecommerce software.

For more details, please call us on +1-888-828-9864 (toll free).

Inventory Management System: Custom-Built Benefits

There are an untold number of three Web store owners who need to manage an inventory for the products they sell. Are you one of them? Your inventory management systems design, done by a smart developer, will not only present your products but also make them easily searchable and accessible. It therefore becomes all the more important that you ensure your developer knows his business well and is able to custom-build an inventory management software that complements your store and is useful to your customers.

Other benefits of a custom-built system are as follows:

  • Once you install the system on your store, it BELONGS to you. You can make any changes to it as and when required, without having to engage the services of a developer every time you need to change it.
  • It can be developed so that it is compatible with BOTH the Mac and PC platforms, so that if you want to change from the one to the other, you can continue using your system.
  • It can be just as secure as an online inventory system. It will also allow you to create multiple user accounts with various levels of customized access.
  • Some quality developers build a customized solution that is just as affordable as an online inventory system.
  • You can incorporate a host of functionalities that are custom developed and manage all of them from a single admin panel.
  • You can manage multiple e-commerce stores from that same admin panel.
  • It will allow you to send automatic email notifications against inquiries regarding products that are not in stock.
  • High levels of automation are possible – importing orders from your other stores, managing shipments, and so on at the click of a button.
  • Such systems integrate easily in case you already have a store.

These are just the most prominent benefits of a custom-built system. Your ecommerce business can enjoy many more and thereby achieve much-improved bottom lines. Just enter the words – inventory system design – on Google and presto! A quality developer for your system is available at a click of the mouse.

The Importance of Being a Yahoo! Store Owner

Yahoo Store is a very popular, efficient, and affordable e-commerce platform for the small and medium-sized businesses. Business owners can set up the online store without being proficient at any programming languages. The platform integrates pretty useful functionality and makes setting up a store very easy. Yahoo! Store offers complete functionality and solutions for all the complexities involved in setting up the business. This portal consists of more than 17,000 merchants and has the ability to take care of all business processes. The business owner need not worry about the domain names, web hosting, marketing and other ecommerce aspects.

Hire a Yahoo Store Designer
Hire a Yahoo Store Designer

Nevertheless, it helps to have a developer assist with the development process so that you have an even better, professional looking, easily navigable, and aesthetically designed store. In addition, a professional yahoo store designer and developer can also provide applications such as inventory management and RMA systems for integration into your ecommerce store.

Developers offer a wide range of services to create a unique store for your business. Such a store is often custom built and fits your business requirements like a glove. The development of yahoo store is done in such a fashion that it will take care of all your business needs whether small or big. It offers support for third-party tools and allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your business tools.

However, if you are not already aware of the various options available on the Yahoo! platform, you may not be able to make the most of the store. Ask a yahoo store developer to provide consultation or speak to other store owners you might know for their opinion. Make sure you outsource the work to the best and yet the most affordable developer to take your business to the next level.

Custom Ecommerce Development: The Way Ahead

The ecommerce industry has become a veritable arena for businesses competing with each other. Traditional retail products have now given way to online auctions and information access. Custom ecommerce development ensures effective online delivery of your products to your customers. Although basic ecommerce solutions will probably satisfy all your basic needs for a successful online venture, the unique needs of your business may require a fully customized solution. It might take some time to build such a solution, but the results will surely be worth the wait. A website designed with proper care can effectively acquire loyal customers. Custom software is developed to meet specific needs and maximize conversions and profits. The success of a business totally depends on doing things in a unique way, rather than the same way as your competitors. As they say, great developers do not do different things, they rather do things differently!

Every single aspect of a business should ideally be taken care of for successfully running an ecommerce website. From payment processing to shipping and tax calculation, everything needs proper functioning and control. Choosing the right ecommerce shopping cart solution is one of the most important things to make your online venture profitable. Your shopping cart program must have the ability to record transactions accurately. Many websites also opt for automated solutions that help save a lot of time. Customers will always purchase from a website they trust. So, you should opt for shopping cart programs that can offer protection through encrypting information and uses established processing services for processing credit cards. Programs with features that give visitors a chance to view their previous purchases are very much preferred.

Ecommerce internet solutions ensure a seamless supply of your products and services to your customers. To grow your business, you must take full advantage of what advanced technology has to offer. Ecommerce websites can effectively advertise your products and process your online transactions. If you happen to zero in upon a developer who meticulously develops fully customized solution especially for your business, hold on fast!

Happy online success!