Get Maximum Returns and Better Conversion with Yahoo Store Development

Our Yahoo Store podium is the most prevailing and dynamic e-commerce solution available on the internet, but several Yahoo Store owners take an advantage of its true perspective. Yahoo Store Development helps you to take an advantage of increase traffic, sales, and reaffirm your organization.

We are a team of imaginative and expert Yahoo Store designers are able to produce world class Yahoo Store Designs. We offer the Affordable cost asserting the professional quality of design and services. You can refer our yahoo store portfolio which shows our expertise and dedication in our task.

Special Offers on Yahoo Store
Special Offers on Yahoo Store

Yahoo Store is a dominant tool that will integrate much functionality and makes the process easier. Our yahoo store designers deliver specialized and customized design to meet your organized needs to set your products or services. Corporate designers improve the aesthetics and improve the site’s user interface so small store also can look professional and competitive. Our Proficient designers take some period of time to get your yahoo store live. This can only be possible after the former acceptance of the online trader. We do have 24X7 huge supports to our valuable customers for their various queries.

Yahoo store optimization requires expertise in ecommerce and nice content management system to get the better growth. The optimization features of a yahoo store is bit unique, different and it requires specialized knowledge on the database and back-end structures.

Our Yahoo Store packages will help you to promote your store from initial level to expertise level. You can have the best user-friendly templates experienced with our customized yahoo store template.

When any of the customers come to your site then its really very important factor how can you get better conversion? How can it will become your rollover-customer and how they are continuously purchasing from your eCommerce site only? It’s also an important factor how they pass your site to create a good chain?

We apply the latest and unique techniques to optimize your yahoo Store when you select any of our pre-designed templates. After using these techniques your web pages will load faster, and your customer gives you effective feedback when they approach to your site.

Outsource Web Development Services in Current Competitive Market

Web development is an extensive term for the profession revealing the development of a web site for the Internet. It includes web Design, Page Content, Web Development, eCommerce Development and many more. Web Development is all about Quality, Experience & Professionalism!

Web Software Outsourcing is the fast growing Concept across the world. There are many more countries are doing outsourcing. We, the team of Ydeveloper Specializes in providing high quality, time bound and cost outsource web Development Services through offshore facilities. Our expert web developing team offers you complete solutions for your web development projects at a very competitive rate.

Web Software outsourcing has completed a huge amount of custom web development projects. You can hire dedicated teams according to your needs of clients. We have dedicated and experienced team for custom development services to meet your custom needs. So, you can hire PHP developers and ASP. NET developers have proficiency in open source customization, integration and template integration. Joomla content management specialized in developing large web based ASP. NET applications, which integrate with existing enterprise portals or Intranet software.

Web development

The Web development marketplace had been here for quite long and still advancing its way on top upon playing a great part in providing the company’s the website of their choice.

We are recruiting web Developers for the following outsource Web Development; Hire ASP. Net Developer, PHP web Developer, Hire Asp. Net Developer, B2B Portal Web Developer, Ecommerce Web Developer.

Hire web developers from us to accomplish and handle web development work flow and give you the best corporate web development solution before the dead-line. There are Special Offers provides at major festivals and events like special discounts, free feature implementation, free site analysis, discounts for site testing for SEO, free help and support day and more.

Overview of Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Now a day, the use and development of Social Media is increasing all over the world. It has been extended to the rural areas as well. I believe this is because of the growing popularity of the internet. It is the platform where people are come to gather for sharing their idea, news, and latest update on various topics. The social media platforms here are in the two formats, web-based and mobile based where the people communicate and share their views with each other using various forms of media like text, pictures, and video, audio. The forums, blog, podcasting, wikis, etc. on various subjects are also part of online social media. For small or large business, using various forms of social media applications are the great ways to create large customer base for their products or services.

To interact with your customer, to know customer about your products or services, get reviews on your products from customers, run contest, get to know your consumers about promotional offering like discounts, coupons, etc. are the list of tasks that you can perform using various social media websites. This process is also known as Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms

Below are some of the popular online Social Media platforms,

  • Google Groups – Reference, Social Networking Website
  • Facebook / MySpace – Sharing story, links, photos, video, views etc.
  • Delicious – Social Bookmarking
  • Twitter – Micro blogging
  • Digg – Sharing News
  • Youtube – Sharing videos
  • Flickr – Sharing photos, images

Do you know how people can gain their knowledge, get news and update? You can either use electronic media or print media to make this possible. Radio, Televisions and Films are the instances of electronic media and newspaper, and magazines are models of the print media, which is more expensive than social media. In addition, Electronic and Print media constrain significant resources to distribute your information as compared to the social media.

There are following six channels or functions that create the use of social media by people…

  • Building Authority / Collaboration
    • Wikis – Wikipedia
    • Social navigation – Trapster
    • Social bookmarking – Delicious, StumbleUpon etc.
    • Content Management Systems – WordPress, Drupal etc.
    • Social news – Digg, Reddit etc.
    • Document Managing and Editing Tools – Google Docs etc.
    • Collaboration
  • Communicate to people
    • Blogs – Blogger, WordPress, TypePad etc.
    • Social networking – Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc.
    • Micro Blogging – Twitter
    • Events – Meetup, Hotlist etc.
    • Location-based social networks – Facebook places
    • Information Aggregators – Netvibes
  • Share reviews, get opinions, ask questions
    • Product reviews – Epinions, Mouthshut etc.
    • Business reviews – Yelp
    • Community Q&A – Stack Exchange, Yahoo! Answers, Quora, Askville etc.
    • Forums according to the industry – For SEO, Digitalpoint etc.
  • Getting Entertainment
    • Media and entertainment platforms – Cisco Eros
    • Virtual worlds – Active Worlds
    • Game sharing – Miniclip
  • Sharing Multimedia
    • Photography and art sharing – Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket etc.
    • Video sharing – Youtube, Viddler, Metacafe etc.
    • Livecasting – Skype, Livestream etc.
    • Music and audio sharing – Pandora Radio, MySpace Music etc.
    • Presentation sharing – Slideshare, Scribd etc.
  • Monitoring your brand
    • Social media measurement – Attensity, Statsit etc.

All the above are freeways of running social media campaign, which require huge efforts and various techniques to maintain it and may take long time to get a result. What if when someone wants fast results through social media campaign? In this case, they need to pay for all their social media activities. E.g. Google provides the platform to run your social media campaign by creating advertise in Google Adwords, which will display in sponsor result section in Google’s search page. You opt for either a free way or a paid way for promoting your business, product or service to any social media websites, tools or application; you need to hire Social Media Marketing professionals from an internet marketing company like Ydeveloper to get effective social media solutions.

Customizing eCommerce Store with Shopping Cart & Checkout Features

Why shopping cart?

The shopping cart software helps to keep track of numerous orders, and it allows us to see everything a buyer ordered at one time. In many cases, a custom shopping cart is connected to online inventory so that a seller knows if he has enough of the product to fulfill his orders. It also enables him to extract what consumers have paid for and hence know what may benefit a customer for the future.

For a merchant to have a successful online storefront, it is important that he install reliable and easy to use shopping cart software. For those, who are new to online shopping and do not have any idea about the purpose of the shopping cart, let us explain a little about the process. A shopping cart feature is a software application that typically runs on the computer where your Web site is located. It allows your customers to do things such as searching for a product in your store catalog, adding a selected product to a basket, and placing an order for it. It integrates with the rest of your Web site. Shopping carts are inscribed in a diversity of distinctive programming languages. Some of them furnish full admission to the source code, so enabling familiar computer programmers to make changes to the features. Several shopping carts sprint on Windows Web servers, a little on Unix, others on both. Generally, you can place the shopping cart on your Web server simply by transferring its files there using any FTP software.

Most shopping carts include two components: the storefront, which is what your customers will see and the administration area, which is what you will use to manage the store.

A shopping cart normally includes:

  • A database that stores information such as product details, order information, customer data etc.
  • It also includes a storefront that displays this information to store visitors
  • A management area that enables a store manager to manage your store

We make customized ecommerce store with best shopping cart and custom checkout features to maximize your profit. Our custom ecommerce shopping cart & check out functionality make your ecommerce store valuable & attractive. We have listed some of our shopping cart features and ecommerce features below. To get more ecommerce or checkout features, take a visit at above mentioned link.

General shopping cart features:

  • Storefront Setup
  • Multiple Storefronts
  • Management Console
  • Storefront Design
  • Product Catalog
  • Customer Management
  • Shopping Portal Feeds
  • Floating shopping cart
  • Simple Mini Cart
  • Advanced Mini Cart

Checkout Features:

  • Single Page Checkout
  • Billing & Shipping Address Selection
  • Anonymous Checkout
  • Multi Page Checkout
  • Custom Checkout
  • Checkout Progress Indicator etc.

At last but not least the shopping cart that is very simple to work with, very fast and very expandable for someone with just a little knowledge of its basic concepts.