Shopping Experience in Future with three Emerging eCommerce Technology

The days have gone of traditional shopping. Until now, eCommerce is the only way of online shopping. Hope, you had a great online shopping experience via ecommerce! We have seen the major growth in online market than a traditional retail market. We are here to expose some emerging ecommerce technology, which will be the replacement of ecommerce in near future. Retailers are now converting their business to online.

Current Growth in Customized Ecommerce has proved that Internet users have increased all over the world. Same time, the new technology is emerging for online business in the forms of Mobile, Online social shopping experience on [Kaboodle], streaming videos like YouTube etc. Increasing popularity of mobiles and its applications like Apple’s iPhone apps and Google’s Android will changes the shopping experience in near future. The times come when you enjoy your shopping via mobile by integrating eCommerce using Mobile Applications.


You will see the highest growth in Mobile Ecommerce in the coming year. Web design services providers like Ydeveloper have forecasted that the launch of imaginative tools and third party apps will provide shoppers with an even bigger choice and features. The number of mobile internet users will keep on growing exponentially. Use of handheld and mobile apparatuses for shopping will continue to rise. Bigger brands will expend heavily to offer new and enhanced services over the mobile platform. M-commerce will encourage the mobile application development.

Social Shopping Resources:

Social Commerce is a section of the electronic commerce. Social Media is important for any business. Many social media applications or online media assist in the buying and selling of products and services, by the way of social interaction and user contributions. Social Networking like Facebook and Twitter blending with eCommerce website will increase the popularity and customers’ experience of online shopping. The user-generated contents in such kind of social networking will continue to influence the customers and resulting in more conversions. Consumers’ rating for the quality of specific product or service will also help retailers to make it better next time. It will furthermore, help to increase the brand value and loyalty of customers towards your business.

Videos and Streaming Media:

The platform of online video streaming is going to be more popular in 2011. Retail merchants have chance to spotlight their products or services in the forms of advertisements, brochures in this competitive market. They can promote the discounts and coupons offering by them to the products or services they are offering via Internet TV throughout major festival. YouTube is a top video streaming networks all over the worlds. Sharing information or interactive videos to promote a product will attract more people to look at and tender an engaging experience to online viewers.

Technological Impact Overturns Ecommerce Marketing Concepts

Latest development in technology has overturned ecommerce marketing concepts and consequently several corporations adopt newest promotional services for expanding their sales strength. Geared to attain business growth and expansion, they remain focused towards attaining a global presence by catering and targeting customers in an effective manner. Now a day, eCommerce Templates have already designed by keeping the next level technological enhancement.

Catalog management system helps in secure on-line access to the user’s agreement pricing, bills and paying for. Performing an expressive role in all e-business applications, Catalogue Management corporations strategically encourage the storehouse, restoration and management of product knowledge in an ecommerce process. For sound campaign of brands, merchandises or services, various companies attempt market analysis, strategic planning and efficient communication for promotional campaign. Small business ecommerce solution benefits in edifice the image and vogue of firms and gains sales through the internet. Ecommerce eases to boost web world presence and expedites in versatile business deals. In short, eCommerce solutions accelerate effective online marketing. Ecommerce applications also minimize the marketing and advertising costs.

In the line of latest ecommerce development, the Magento ecommerce development programs help in designing and developing appeals web stores, online retail stores and online stores. It gives detailed statistics about a specific website and its pages. It will be available with filterable navigation, easy reproduction features, image zooming, various image display, watermarking features etc. Magento features fifteen distinctive report screens. It expedites mass import and export of merchandise and customer data. Thus, it furnishes a winning edge over the conventional retailers and service suppliers.