Ecommerce Store Design in 5 Simple Steps for Online Retailers

Retailing business is on boom in top countries. The countries like, USA and UK have already established in ecommerce industry and continuously improving technology of ecommerce to affirm an unique position in ecommerce development area. Running an ordinary website and an ecommerce website has mainly differentiated by the use of functionality. Two ways, a business can run, online and offline. Have you ever noticed the return on investment in both ways? It is obvious that doing online business is far better than offline as it may require more human power as well as financial resources than setting up an online ecommerce stores at ecommerce industry.

Once you decided to open an ecommerce store and have unique ecommerce store design in your mind then, do you have ideas that what to do next? What are the important elements in the process of its designing and development? Are there already designed ecommerce templates ready on the web? Who will complete the whole process and support you while the changes required in your store? Customers will appreciate any online store only when they find user-friendly design, easy navigation, flexible ecommerce shopping cart, 100% secure shopping etc. I recommend following the 5 simple steps to make an efficient and effective ecommerce website that convert huge sales in holiday seasons.

Goods that you want to sell

Let us take an example of selling mobile phone accessories online. There are large numbers of mobiles and their accessories are available, do some market research and find out which accessory that people mostly want. Find out each product details as much as you can and create a professional look with unique product image. Make it SEO friendly for better position of your ecommerce website in search engines. Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing and Social Media like Facebook and Twitter help you to find out the large online community for your website. Set up and optimize your promotional page and top selling products, especially in the time of Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays. Provide promotional offers in the form of discounts, coupons, incentives and free shipping on all orders.

Utilizing professional or pre-designed templates

There are large numbers of resources on the web that provides free pre-designed ecommerce templates. While choosing an ecommerce template, make sure that the template you are selecting should be suitable to the products you are selling. e.g. you are selling mobile phone accessories and selecting a template that already designed for fashion accessories. Pages having fashion products need funky design with heavy images and graphics, while the pages for mobile accessories should be professional looking. Attractive, User-friendly and good-looking template means organized layout, website loading fast, keyword rich-content, categorized products, provide a link of sorting products by various criteria like its size, price, category, secured payment process and safe shipping.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Design and Set up

I am sure that you have noticed, “Add to cart” buttons in each product page of an ecommerce website while you go for online shopping. It is Shopping Cart and it should contain as much as information that an online consumer want. Do not miss it in your store from landing page to product page. It looks like a payment receipt; we received from shoppers while we purchase something. It must contain Item, quantity, price per unit and total cost. Many Shopping Cart Software and Solution are available free on the web but we recommend you to hire experts who will designed shopping cart system according to the products and services you have in your store.

Safe and Secured Payment System

Adopt payment systems to your ecommerce website that globally accepted such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard etc. Design a policy for privacy and security that build a trust for your website.

Testimonial or Product Review page

This is yet another very essential part of an ecommerce website. Create a page where customer can write a review or comment on your products or services. Sometimes you also get some suggestions from them. You have a chance to work on the customer’s suggestion to get more usability.

You should hire skilled ecommerce store designers and developers to frame everything above in professional manner. I recommend you to hire expert programmer form Ydeveloper to get all ecommerce solution at one place.

Enhance you online Store with e-Smart eCommerce Suite and save up to 30%
Enhance you online Store with e-Smart eCommerce Suite and save up to 30%

Ecommerce Suggestions to Online Shoppers during Holidays

Are you an ecommerce site owner? Have you thought and planned any strategy for the development and promotion of your ecommerce stores during this Holiday Season, running on Yahoo Stores, eBay, Amazon OR any other customized platform. Your prior preparation will be resulted into higher sales, if you seriously consider about your store and make changes according to the requirements in terms of its design, navigation structure, landing page optimization etc. The Christmas 2010 is coming and all the major online retailers have already planned some discounts, free shipping and other extensive holiday promotions on the products or services they are offering.

Online Shopping is an easy way to find everything that you want and some experts already reported that more than 50% of the shopping by the people who are well verse in computer is online during the holidays. It’s obvious that the statistics shown here is higher than the US Consumer Market., it’s simply represents that the billions of people worldwide are going online for purchasing the things they want, especially, the Gifts and Articles during the Christmas Time.

We have some quick suggestions about the design and development of your eCommerce website,

  • Make clear and Comprehensible your Navigation Paths
  • Display the number of available products clearly
  • Modify  your “add to cart” buttons to achieve maximum efficiency and benefits
  • Make sure your shopping cart is visible
  • Tidy up your product pages
  • Give facility of quick preview of each product
  • Simplify Searches with an Auto-complete Function
  • Eradicate misdirection from your checkout page
  • Product fluctuations should be displayed in an visceral manner
  • Let Visitants Control their Shopping Experience

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