Enhancing your Product Page

Product/Item page is one of the essential elements any ecommerce store. This is the page or spot where you convert visitors into actual buyers; this page influences the buyer decision. Every ecommerce store main objective is “Sales” and we believe designing towards this main objective is necessary to increasing ecommerce sales.
We would like to share some important tips for enhancing your product/item pages of an online store.

Avoid Manufacturer’s Copy:

Big NO for using the manufacturer item description; this is mainly because thousand of other online merchants are doing the same. It will surely create a problem for you in the future as the content is duplicated; search engines don’t like duplicate contents.

The best way is to re-write the product description in own flavor and create the different product description for your item pages. Totally new descriptions will the best; if you are familiar with products and can create it.

Small & Concise:

Assuming that on the web, visitors will not have enough time to read the entire product description to make the purchase decision. If you can create a small and concise product description and use few bullet points to explain will be the better way. Support your text with good images.

Proof Reading the Product Description:

It is very annoying to read badly written product description. This will create to negative impress on your online store. The visitors will surely doubt on professionalism of the company they are going to deal with; make sure you proof read the entire product description before publishing them online.

Multiple Images:

Give your product page the power of multiple images. This will be best part of your item pages; it can be the powerful way to convert your visitors to the buyer. At online store your visitors don’t have the opportunity to touch and feel the products like they can do in a local store. The best thing is to show the item’s image from different angles. This will help to make the purchase decision.

Product Zoom:

Help you visitor or potential buyers have a closer look of the items on your product page. Get the closer look of the items in two different ways. First, furnish the item page with high quality multiple images of product. Second, give your item page the ability to zoom the product image.

Clear Call to Action:

Call of action should be clear and easy to notice. There should be buttoned informing your website audience/visitor what they need to do next. “Buy Now” button is a very popular text used by online stores. We must say that feel free to experiment with another call to action types.


Cross-sell will be the best way to promote the related items. This can easily increase your sales. Cross-sell is another best part of item page; and even visitors don’t need to search or surf of the related items for their purchased items.


Product review can easily influence purchasing decision. However, the main things we need to make sure these are legitimate and are post or generated by actual buyers/product users.

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Latest Custom Navigation Features – WordPress 3.0

Yes, we all know WordPress is the best publishing system on the web. Hugely increasing the demand/use of WordPress by Business and Individual’s; it makes WordPress to release or come out with new and custom features.

WordPress 3.0 release will bring something new to cheers in publishing systems or CMS. Finally, WordPress released new and improved “Navigation Features” in 3.0 releases; the new navigation feature will look similar to the widget’s menu links. This feature will help to control navigation menu easily and effectively, drag and drop facility is nice and perfect for all and will also be great to handle navigation.

In this new release, you can add existing page, category post, sub category post and external hyperlinks. By add new features frequently WordPress is proving itself as a strong player in Publishing system or CMS world. WordPress 3.0 is shaping up to be a great version.

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