With eCommerce Development you can Carry Your Business Online

Electronic commerce is commonly known as e-commerce or ecommerce. E-commerce deals with buying and selling of products or services over the internet. In today’s era internet users are growing rapidly. Be careful while selecting the Ecommerce Solution provider to develop your ecommerce store. This is the great step towards enhancing the growth of your business online world.

Ydeveloper offers Ecommerce Development Solutions as its core expertise in IT field. Our experienced ecommerce developers are very interested to develop ecommerce application using any platform. We have satisfied our worldwide clients over the years in Ecommerce Development by our quality work and successfully running online ecommerce stores.

Our company provides various ecommerce solution services like e-commerce with content management system, payment gateway integration, secure shopping cart solutions, credit card processing integration, x-cart integration, oscommerce integration and many more.

List of Ecommerce Development Solutions:

  • eCommerce with Content Management System
  • eCommerce in .NET
  • eCommerce in PHP
  • eCommerce in JAVA
  • eCommerce in Yahoo Store
  • eCommerce integration with ERP
  • OsCommerce Development
  • Payment Gateway – Authorize.NET, Pay Pal, VeriSign, Google Checkout
  • X Cart Development
  • Custom Ecommerce Software

About Shopping Cart Development for easy Online Purchasing

Shopping cart software is e-commerce software to make online purchases easy and better. It allows customers to create purchase lists, checking out, sum total of your order and, etc. This shopping cart software also calculates shipping charge, handling charge and other applicable taxes or charges for the product. It is very important while vendors and buyers are exchanging inquiries, orders, invoices, funds, etc. on the internet.

Ydeveloper provides best ecommerce solutions and services with all necessary software and features to its worldwide clients in any platform.

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Website Redesign Approach in 5 Different Ways

While redesigning any ECommerce or Website – A very first question arises in mind before starting a Redesign process.

How do you REDESIGN?

As a web designing company/web designer, you will be asked to redesign an existing website.

So what will be your approach towards this mammoth task? You need not to have wandered long, as here are the best five different approaches for website redesign.Website Redesign Approach in 5 Different Ways

1. A Redesign

Very first approach “A Redesign”, this is the most basic. A redesign is simple give the new facelift to an old design. In web industry – fundamentally the entire website structure remains the same, but this isn’t meant a bad thing.

We must say that this approach is ideal if you’re satisfied with website structure and web content. However, if you feel that the design itself is little out of date; at this stage second approach gets into the picture “A restructuring”.

2. A Restructuring

A restructuring – The name itself speaks a lot; mainly, in restructuring the website design remains pretty much same; but improving or changing the presentation of the content of the website. At the approach slight design structure is also done, to stay connected to the latest website design standard.

At this approach if you feel your design is pretty nice, but the little structural and flow change improvement required, then this is the ideal approach/stage.

3. A Rethinking

A Rethinking – It’s very important approach or stage while redesign process. Here we rethink or revisit the purpose of the website. This approach makes us think about the primary goal of a website.

Rethink about your website’s primary goal. This arise very important questions to answer before redesigning the website.

  • Do we need to revise the goal?
  • Do our website structure is ideal for our goal?
  • Does it successfully target our audience?

This approach helps to take vital steps to redesign any website, which suits your business a primary objective.

4. A Realignment

This approach is as vital as others. We must say this topic has been discussed many times by web designers with very detail study. This approach realignment is all about looking back and recalling the core/original goal of the website and your business. This approach means to make changes to the website structure and content improve to stick with the original goal of the business.

Realignment – It’s something more than working around the primary goal of the website or company. Here we also need to consider the change that occurred in Web standards, Usability, importance to new design structure and target audience choice, etc. since the original website was launched.

5. A Rebranding

Re-branding – The Re-branding is a vital step for business. Re-branding involves revamping every bit of your brand. This includes your business logo, business card, letterhead, website, etc. The re-branding is a complete makeover of your business and the way you market your business and website.

Make your website redesigning successful for your business. Think of every aspect of your business before redesigning the website.

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Upcoming Feature- Customer Registration – Phase I Beta Launch: Yahoo! Small Business

Yahoo Store service is going to release a most desire feature of e-commerce, named Customer Registration, which will be launch in Beta by Aug 17, 2010. This new feature makes possible to register a store account fast and simple.

Once this feature is enabled, your customers can register an account in your store using their obtainable Yahoo!, Google, or AOL user ID. From the time when our registration system uses OpenID, your customers won’t have to remember additional user IDs or passwords. See more benefits of OpenID. Customers are allowed to sign into their store account to get benefit from a faster, more efficient checkout experience, with stored shipping and billing addresses pre-populated on checkout pages. By signing into account, customers will be able to access their order information, order history, shipping status and tracking number(s) instead of contacting merchants for this information. In addition, they can easily re-order items with one click and update their shipping and billing address(es), and other profile information at any time.

Some of key point which you need to know:

•    A Long waiting feature will empower your yahoo store and make it more user friendly.

•    Merchants may experience – not to access store manager during this update process and also unable to publish store updates.

•    Merchants are advisable to access store manager after 10-15 minutes, if they are unable to access Store Manager or to publish store.

•    Merchant will get maximum benefit as they can organize customer data. This will also help to increase the conversion ration as customer will get there shipping and billing information automatically on checkout section.

PHP Web/eCommerce Development for Business

Internet has boosted the world of commerce to get online or make their web presence. Mainly, it is search engines, which played a vital role, as it a huge source to find out the targeted audience across the globe.  Get well position on search business can easily get relevant traffic/visitors and even can increase their business.

To make your web presence unique, many programming languages can provide you the solutions; but PHP is your ultimate solutions, as it can help you to develop a robust solution for your web or web presence. PHP is worldwide accepted open source programming language. PHP is mainly server side scripting.  PHP executes the entire request on the server and directly sends the commands to the web browsers for the final output. These ultimately reduce the load on the client side and create a way for smooth functioning of web or application.

PHP one of the best open source programming languages; it is a dynamic language and generates dynamic web pages for your website or ecommerce.    PHP its open source, and it’s the main advantage for the unique programming language. As its open source you need not to pay a single penny for its license and this ultimately reduces your investment code for your online business. Though it is the open source, you can easily customize as per requirement.

PHP has vast development community; this may be very easy to opt for help from the community to solve any issue related to PHP. The best of PHP language is it level of security which it offers to develop your web ecommerce. This Database driven programming language prevents from malicious attack.  It has connective abilities and it used modular system of extension with the variety of libraries such as XML, graphics, etc. PHP gives the facility to a programmer to extend the PHP by developing their own extension and compiling them into executable; they can create their own executable using PHP dynamic mechanism. PHP database interface is available, which are PHP MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc.

The mainly advantage of PHP is it can run on any platform like Linux, Window and UNIX. PHP can easily provide the reliable solution for your web requirement; it can offer high performance solutions in low cost.

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Web 2.0 Concept of Today’s Web (Make your website unique and attractive)

Today the web has moved to WEB 2.0. With the increase of WEB 2.0 concept now the internet is not only the place to gathering information.  With this concept internet-based application gets boosted and lead to information sharing among the web users on the web.

Web 2.0 concept is boomed for ecommerce and other businesses. Web 2.0 era became the perfect tool for communication and collaboration; this makes people interact over the web.  Web 2.0 has given the platform – for the cost effective way to promote business, share knowledge, viral communication, increase sale and other thing like spreading brand loyalty and reduce costs to finding potential customers, etc.

Ydeveloper understands the important to incorporating Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 Application Services along with your online business. Now-a-days ecommerce business must be promoted on Web 2.0.

Ydeveloper – as ecommerce & Web Development company; we can help you to market your ecommerce on Web 2.0 websites; we have skilled and experience to develop Web 2.0 Application.

In Web 2.0 Application Development process, we evaluate your entire requirement and develop the best strategy. We provide assistance in all stages of the development process; right from requirements collections and strategy, design and development implementation, management, etc.

Ydeveloper, utilize the latest technologies to develop Web 2.0 application; we mainly focus on rich internet application techniques, which include Adobe Flash, Flex, Silverlight, AJAX to build Web 2.0 application with the most professional interface.  To meet every specific requirement Ydeveloper provides scalable, robust and security rich solutions.

Looking for ecommerce or Web 2.0 application? Ydeveloper is here to fulfill your dream with robust solutions.
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