Essential elements for an Item Page

Today, in this competitive e-Commerce world every e-commerce owner knows the importance of presentation of their Products. We must say your item pages are the final stop for visitors and take a decision about adding an item to cart. So how do you get them to hit the add button? The main goal of an item page is to make visitors convince to add the item to cart.

To convince and dealing with item pages, the basic answer lies in item presentation and store polices. The item presentation includes varieties of item details and other possible details related to items.

We have gathered checklist of certain elements that are essential to make your item page more beneficial for visitors and high convertible as possible.

1) Decisive Buy Box

Here we call it a “Decisive Buy Box”. We named it decisive buy box based on it characteristic. Essentially it’s a box or a square who shows the most important and relevant information about the item likes Price, Shopping Cost/Time and call-for-action button, mainly in the form of an “ADD TO CART” button. This decisive buy box is a great way to gather information and highlight the important elements to encourage visitors to add the items to their shopping cart.

2) Call for Action

Call-for-action is an important element on an item page. Your “ADD TO CART” button is a call-for-action on your item page, to convert more visitors as customers your call-for-action must be and clear and concise. To explain this point we have a question for you.

Question: Thinking you’re standing away from your monitor looking at item page; what should stick out?

Answer: The answer is simple; Your “ADD TO CART” button, i.e. your call-for-action.
This button must be located in a prominent position on the page, simultaneously we must take care of its size and color, it’s “size & color” must be appropriate enough to differentiate itself from other buttons or element on the page.

3) Shipping Cost & Estimated Shipping Time

Don’t hide your Shipping Cost and long lead times, this will make your visitors frustrate. Mainly, the visitors are not upset with such cost or times, but really they don’t want such cost or time is a complete mystery. Make them clear on the item page, preferably in the “Decisive Buy Box”.

The clear shipping cost and time will help your visitors to know the exact cost; this will gain a trust element for you.

4) Product Availability

Product Availability feature is the especially important for the site, whose inventory is constantly fluctuating. This is a feature that can be included in a website if product added assurance. This feature let your visitors know whether or not an item is in stock. If the customer order the items and then came to know the order item is out of stock, this lead to the negative impression.

This feature helps to reduce the negative impression; as the customer known the availability status of product before ordering the item.

5) Multiple Images

The first thing we can say that “image speaks more than words”. It is very true when it comes to an ecommerce website. The successful ecommerce website already has such features to attract the visitors. The biggest difference between buying an item from the physical stores and online stores is – In the store you can touch and feel the item and lot more; as the visitors can’t do what they can’t do in physical store, you need to show the multiple images from different angles on online store. This feature will give the visitors a better sense of items, and can easily define that this is what they are looking. This leads to strong reason for them to buy items from an online store.

6) Pricing & Quality Discount

The pricing is the most important element on any Product Page; and it will be first element visitors will be looking for. We recommend you that the product price must be highly visible to any user. This will help the visitors directly to take a decision.

We also recommend adding a feature showing “Quantity Discount” near Decisive Buy Box.

7) Quantity Field Value

Quantity Field is an important element of item page. We have to need many ecommerce holders take it this element very lightly. We recommend, keep default value 1 in the quantity field; nothing is more annoying to add item to cart and being stopped by a hateful error message allege you to “add at least 1 item to your cart”; this gives the very negative impression towards the website.

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Importance of Social Media Marketing for any Business

Social Medial Marketing
Social Medial Marketing

In recent years the popularity of social media websites like FaceBook, Twitter, and Delicious, etc., has increased at phenomenal. In Twitter and FaceBook – Millions of new users are added in monthly bases. All types of business, whether it’s small of large scale are well aware about the potentiality of Social Media. We must say that all business can find their potential customers on Social Media sites.
We all have surely noticed evolving trends in popularity of different social media website. Social Media will surely be going to be one of the immersing spots for any online businesses; it will play an effective role in marketing and branding of businesses.

Some of the popular ways the social media can be used in current scenario by businesses.
Building Communities
The people are very attracted with the interactive element of social media. This gives complete flexibility of expressing their opinions. This can also influence the buying decision of other buyers. Build Communities on social media website to market your business and services. Here you can also bring out a competition; this can also be a great way to create a buzz about our business brands within your communities or in social media website.

Interaction is that one element which makes social media so popular. Social Media are all about interaction across communities, friends, etc. Mainly for B2C business, these social media are the best place, here you can know more about your customers; better you know your customers you can market your business more efficiently and more effectively within your targeted audience.

Market Research
Social Media are also a nice platform for market research. Social Media can help you for market research purpose. This medium can great way for finding more information about your targeted audience or prospective customers – this medium can help you to know about their likes, dislikes, their particular preferences, etc. The business can easily find out their opinions on new products that you are about to releases or you can easily know what type of products your targeted audience is looking.

Advertising Medium
Social Media like Twitter and FaceBook and many others has been a unique platform to interact. The business can easily advertise their “Products & Services” to a huge audience on social media sites. This can help you to find your targeted audience and market you brand within them.

Social Media have already created the buzz on an internet world and its here to stay long. Any business needs to develop a social marketing strategy as a part of their marketing. The social media who allow you to leverage the enormous power of social media website or social networks in marketing your “Products & Services” and winning new customers across the globe. Businesses not using the Social Media are failing to grab the attention of your targeted audience, as social media are powerful marketing weapons.

ASP.NET:- Ideal platform for Custom eCommerce Development

Looking to start an ecommerce business? Totally, Custom eCommerce is the perfect way to start the online ecommerce business.

Looking for ideal platform to develop your ecommerce? Looking for “Secure and Safe” transaction on your ecommerce? is answer for all above questions.

The Internet/Web has become the most successful way to generate revenue; ecommerce is only one of the ways for individual or businesses to get in the online business. With ecommerce store, you can utilize the power of the Internet to spread online ecommerce business all across the world.

For all this you need to do a simple thing – its selection of an ideal platform to develop an ecommerce store; among all platform ASP.NET is one of the platforms you can trust on and select it as your first platform to develop your successful ecommerce business.

ASP.NET will make ecommerce easy to handle and manage in the ideal manner. On this platform, you will be easily managing the stuff like inventory, order, customers, etc. without many hassles, there will be no complexities involved in it.

We at – we have skill and experience to develop tons of eCommerce on ASP.NET platform. We have in-depth knowledge of ASP.NET and are aware about the capabilities of ASP.NET Web Development. This platform is mostly preferred for its huge features or functionality list and for its security features.
ASP.NET gives the complete command on its developed; this helps a web developer to completely customized ecommerce. We are mainly in Customized eCommerce Business; we believe the custom ecommerce is an ideal solution for any eBusiness owner looking for, as this help total customization on ecommerce as per the requirements, and you can easily focus on what your targeted customer’s needs.

Custom ecommerce will be the best solution for ecommerce, as it is user-friendly and simultaneously easy to handle from administrator part.

ECommerce built in ASP.NET allows alteration such as addition and deletion of inventory, order, etc. and other significant elements of an online store. Security is the major concern online customers as well as ecommerce owners. ASP.NET is known for its powerful security features.

With all about features and characteristic of ASP.NET, we must say the shopping cart developed in ASP.NET is perfect and more feasible to handle.

Check some following features:

  • Security – Safe and secure transactions
  • Capabilities of user-friendly design and navigation features
  • Easy management Orders, products, customers list, etc.
  • Easy to manage and handle complete ecommerce store from an admin panel
  • Newsletter subscription management

The above Features lists are not been completed, the ASP.NET platform is with load of features.
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We have vast experience in the following Languages/Technologies & Tools.

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Our Specialties:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Tools
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Display % Discount on Cart Button

Here in Ydeveloper, we constantly want something new to be introduce for our clients across the globe. We are aware about the ecommerce websites and majority of ecommerce owners are looking for more conversion ratio.

We all know that call-for-action buttons and other techniques can improve ecommerce conversion rates. This makes us to work harder to find out the unique solution for ecommerce website.

We must share something with you all; this week while surfing, we came across the website that uses a very clear and creative tactic with its cart button/add to cart button, which we have never seen before. We must say that introducing displaying percentage (%) discount

Discount Cart Button
Discount Cart Button

directly on the call-for-action button is the unique and nice idea.

Check the image show aside. They have directly displayed the % discount on Add to Cart Button, This is not only done on Item Pages but this can be done throughout the e-commerce website.

This feature can be introduced for entire e-commerce website and this is very convincing on a product page. With this feature cross-selling can also be benefited as we can directly display the % discount on the cart button. We agree that to implement this feature serious custom programming is required, but this can leave a powerful impact on conversion.