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Best Seller

This is a great feature to focus on those products that customers want the most and manage them well.

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Best Seller

Alert new and regular customers to your best selling products, while keeping your store unique and fresh for frequent visitors to your web site. It's easy to manage the best seller feature from your selected items. You can manage best-sellers category separately or keep them same for the whole site. You can also display the best-sellers randomly from the list of the products that you listed, which can then be independently modified later on.

Now you can feature as many products as the constraints of your page will allow, and feature all top-selling items in an interesting and ever-changing format.

Show the bestsellers of the week, month, or year. You can either switch to the randomly displayed bestsellers or display just a few bestsellers from your list.

We have parted this functionality into 2 parts:

1. Best Sellers from the variable
This will display the selected bestsellers from the whole store for an individual page. Change the list as per your discretion at a later time.

2. Randomly displayed bestseller
Display the bestseller items randomly from the list that defined. You can change this list later on. Every time a user refreshes the page, he/she will find different combination of best sellers of the store.

Key Benefits:

  • Display different best-sellers at every page refresh
  • Regular customers will get a fresh look at your site, even on regular visits
  • Keep your homepage fresh
  • Feature a larger group of items
Best Seller
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