Android Product Catalog Apps

Android Product Catalog Apps

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Android Product Catalog Apps

Digital product catalogs are very much the in-thing now. An interactive product catalog app is an ideal means to help people find you on the web and purchase your products. Users of your Android product catalog app will be able to take a look at your business products, select their favorite ones, and then actually make the purchase. With an Android product catalog app, this whole process is done in a jiffy.

Such digital product catalogs are used by many prominent businesses.

The Android product catalog app takes your app straight to your customers’ pockets. Once it has found its way there, it needs to offer a great user experience to attract customers. Ydeveloper’s Android product catalog app does all these and much more.

Ydeveloper offers two kinds of Android product catalogs in its app:

  • Static product catalog: This catalog is meant only for providing info and product images for your customers to peruse. This catalog helps the users browse through your range of products from the comfort of home. When you create an app for a product catalog, you can send it to your customers’ mobile devices, thereby opening up an additional channel for promotion of your products.
  • Dynamic product catalog: This catalog is more versatile in the sense that it offers greater functionality and features. It can allow the users to not only access the information on your products, it actually makes it possible to buy them online − all from wherever they are, over their Android mobile device. Custom-built apps can even allow the users to make a payment through the mobile device.

Standard features of Ydeveloper’ product catalog solution:

  • Name, price, description, image, and product options configured to change in real time
  • Dynamic image mapping links part of the product image
  • Customized front and back covers
  • Next/previous page and link-based navigation from the cover page
  • Flip-page effect for easy browsing
  • Product zoom to enable close-ups mode
  • Thumbnail view to see several products at once
  • Dynamic best-seller category
  • Search using various parameters
  • Cart redirects to the site for checkout process
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