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On March 19th 2015, Amazon has announced that they are no longer going to support the Amazon Webstore Platform.

New Customers can no longer sign up for an account, existing customers have full access and use of their webstore until July 1, 2016 to migrate.

We recommend all amazon web store owners to switch to Yahoo Store, Magento or e-Smart eCommerce Suite.

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Amazon Webstore Marketing

With the range of tools Amazon Webstore provides to help you increase traffic to your e-Commerce website and start securing your position on the search engines, Amazon is your chance to attract customers looking for your products and gain significant business advantages.

Getting Quality Traffic to Your Website

Attracting new visitors to your website is an ongoing process, but Amazon Webstore provides search engine optimization (SEO) tools and other features to start positioning your e-commerce webstore so that consumers find it easily.

  • Optimize your web pages to help search engines correctly index your site
  • Employ automatic submissions to shopping engines (Google Product Search, etc.) to keep your listings updated
  • Integrate email marketing resources to inform customers about new products or current sales

Ydeveloper helps you manage and utilize fully all tools that Amazon provides to facilitate development of a webstore that is optimized to not only attract but also keep your visitors engaged for longer span of time.

Amazon webstore helps you develop such a website experience for your customers.

Have a look at the following examples:
  • E-Commerce templates let you customize your website to match your individual brand
  • Quickly upload or modify new product descriptions and eye-catching images
  • Recommendation widgets offer related products or accessories
  • Featured products make it easy to highlight your most popular or bestselling items

A well-rounded Amazon webstore is the perfect way to ensure quality virtual footfall and an enjoyable user experience. Amazon’s tools and Ydeveloper’s keen acumen for fully exploiting them can help you create a website that keeps the cash registers ringing.

To find out more about Amazon Webstore Marketing services from Ydeveloper, please contact us.

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