Adaptive Web Design Approach

Adaptive Web Design Approach

Adaptive web design has two approaches - client side and server side. To create a powerful adaptive web design, hire Ydeveloper today!

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Adaptive Web Design Approach

The main goal of an adaptive web design is to deliver a sophisticated user experience irrespective of the device being used, and for this, it relies on the principles of responsive design and use highly advanced programs and coding.

Adaptive web design has two approaches: client side and server side. So what do we mean by these approaches? Let's discuss them in detail.

Client side: Under this approach, the adaptations and changes occur on the client side, i.e., in the user's browser. Put in simple terms, it means that you don't have to rebuild your website from the scratch as you can build on the existing content. This approach is quite useful when you want to specifically target particular devices or screen resolutions. For example, if the majority of your clients are using iPhones, you can use this approach to optimize your website specifically for Apple smartphones. Moreover, client-side adaptive templates will ensure that only the required resources are loaded by the user's device.

If you are using this approach, please make sure that you are maintaining it as your business evolves. Otherwise the entire purpose of having this adaptive web design will be defeated.

Server side: Under this approach, the web server will do all the necessary work of identifying the devices that are being used and of loading of the correct template. A major advantage of using server side approach is that you will get access to distinct templates for each of the devices, and hence more room for customization. This approach will keep the device-detection logic on the server, leading to faster loading time even on small devices like smartphones.

However, please note that this approach will need significant changes to your back-end systems and it may prove to be lengthy as well as costly implementation. Also, with this approach, you can face performance issues when the servers are under heavy load.

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