Yahoo Store Design and Development

Yahoo Store Design and Development

Yahoo Store is one of the top eBusiness service providers in the industry, beating out all other competitors in online shopping websites. It provides greater visibility and more online traffic for your products and services through Yahoo Store Customization. It features an easy store manager, secure transactions, and allows easy maintenance for a large number of products.

What do we do?
Ydeveloper helps you set up, design, and personally develop your Yahoo eCommerce. Don't settle on generic, ready-made templates to promote your business-Ydeveloper can uniquely design your yahoo store according to the personality of your business, targeting the specific audiences you have in mind.

How do we do it?
We are experts in our field and work closely with our clients to ensure that your Yahoo eCommerce is always easy to manage. We provide easy-to-understand tips and suggestions, helping you navigate your webpage with ease and provide an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. We provide all these functionalities to your yahoo Store through RTML programming. more...

Ydeveloper Top Bar e-smart E-Commerce

e-Smart eCommerce Suite

What is esmart eCommerce Suite?
It is customized ECommerce store development based on the individual needs of the client. Ydeveloper builds custom ecommerce solutions based on the clients' specific requirements, rather than using a cookie-cutter package, generic templates, or a predetermined eCommerce website design. We have developed E-commerce based on DotNet, Php and Java.

Our Ecommerce store developer provide each client with a cutting edge ecommerce website design, coupled with easy-to-use functionalities. more...

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Internet Marketing

Page rank is important: Ever since Larry Page started the Google Internet search engine, the world of Internet marketing has never been the same. What you say on your website and how you say it matters. "Keywords", "links", and "searched words" are now the ultimate factors in what determines a successful, high-ranking Internet business.

How We Can Help: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of fine-tuning your website to produce higher rankings on Internet Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Ydeveloper provides you all the tools required to achieve visibility through SEO and can drastically help your store's online rankings. We help you promote your products and services with more efficient Internet marketing techniques to achieve specific SEO yahoo store goals. As your personal yahoo store designer, we provide a SEO-friendly layout and help you with keywords that will make your Yahoo Store SEO ready. more...

Website Designing

A website is the window to your company. The design and content of a storefront window is what initially draws customers inside-it cultivates a first impression, features the most alluring and colorful products, and sets up the "theme" of your business. The process of designing the store window should not be taken lightly-and that's where we come in. Unlike a storefront with limited space and physical restrictions, a web presence can be all-encompassing and accessible 24/7. We can help you build a relationship with your target customers and help effectively communicate your company's business principles. more...

Social Media Why work with Ydeveloper

Why work with Ydeveloper?

  • Excellent Customer Service: Here at Ydeveloper, we believe that our job is not finished until our customer is completely satisfied. In addition to our dedication to customer service and satisfaction, we strive to produce all our projects in a timely manner.
  • Our Methodology: The governing force in our success is our process: we believe your product is as good as your process. It's not just whether the job gets done, but how the job gets done.
  • Solving Your Business Problems: We are not your typical web developers. First, we aim to understand the problems your business may be facing. Next, we provide a solution that not only fits your business needs, but also allows you to reasonably align that solution with your specific market and customer.
  • Technology: Ydeveloper continuously brings the latest, cutting edge technology to our customers. Since methodology is of utmost importance, we easily adapt to the latest technological trends and maintain a wide variety of technological skill sets in our portfolio.
  • Culture & Style: One of the biggest business challenges is finding the right partner to serve your business needs-a partner who understands your needs, helps you grow at affordable rates, and speaks your language. Ydeveloper offers an onshore team that facilitates progressive communication and provides excellent technological support and customer.
  • Quality & Support Promise: We are a process-driven company, offering high-quality services to our customers. Because we are partially located offshore, we can also bring those services to you at affordable prices. We stand behind the quality of our work and understand that the key ingredient to success is finding the right technology partner. We are here to support you throughout the process of building and maintaining your business-from start to finish, we promise complete satisfaction.
Customer Testimonials
Celebrity Brand Crispy Collection makes my stores more demanding among yahoo stores which is placed at the front for embattled viewers. Credit go...
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